10 Scariest Enemy Designs In Lies Of P


Lies of P is like Pinocchio meets body horror, and these unique, horrifying enemy designs don’t let it down.

The darker parts of Pinocchio are taken and run with in Lies of P, which is like Souls. It’s more like Resident Evil, The Last of Us, and David Cronenberg. Even if you think Lies of P is a dark fantasy game, it’s really just really scary.

There are jump scares all over the place, creepy red-eyed dolls coming at you, and Petrification Disease-mutated zombie-like enemies that are everywhere in Krat. The enemy designs get pretty gross, and sometimes they’re downright horrific. These are some of the best you’ll see.

Twin Drill And Saw Blade Worker Puppet

The rill And Buzz Saw Mech Miniboss attacking the player with its buzz saw arms, drills sticking out from the back.

There is the huge Puppet of the Future boss and the furnace-powered Shovel Guard miniboss in the Venigni Works Control Room, but this puppet is still stronger than both of them. This design is so scary that even Sid from Toy Story would think it was his worst fear.

It’s a worker robot that has four times as many guns as its model. Moving like a Dalek, it cuts you with two buzz saw blades on each arm as it moves around the room. It also has two big drills on its back that will swing and dig at you if you’re not quick enough to dodge them.

Nameless Puppet

Geppetto walking away from the Nameless Puppet so Pinocchio can start the battle.

The Nameless Puppet is a special boss that you might not even meet, depending on which ending you pick in the last part of Lies of P. You only have to fight if you don’t want to give up your heart to Geppetto. This is one of the grossest main bosses in the game, along with Archbishop Andreus and the Green Monster of the Swamp.

The Nameless puppet is a really bad design by Geppetto. It looks like it fits with Pinhead’s Cenobites from the world of Hellraiser. The horrific details like the face that looks like it’s missing a nose and mouth, the body that is tall and skinny, a missing limb that has been turned into a mechanical arm, and the huge hole for the P-Organ are all great.

Petrification-Mutated Scorpions

A giant scorpion creature approaching the player with stinger at the ready to strike.

In Carlo Collodi’s original story, Pinocchio meets many animals, which are cleverly used as bosses in the game. But the puppet has never seen anything like this huge monster waiting for you on the shores outside of Arche Abbey on the Isle of Alchemists.

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They look like what you’d get if you crossed scorpion DNA with Resident Evil’s Lickers. It’s a huge four-legged animal with thick armor made of skin that has been changed by Petrification. It has a huge stinger with a blue tip, pincers, and bright blue tentacles sticking out of its back.

Opera House Spider Puppets

A creepy spider puppet approaching the player inside the Opera House.

There is a spider doll at the Estella Opera House that will make you afraid of both spiders and dummies. A lot of the design comes from the Mannequin Spider Monster in the 2012 movie Silent Hill: Revelations. Even though this one has fewer heads, it looks much scarier.

The dummy body that is connected to the spider legs is wearing a long gray dress, and the head has a tall white wig from the 17th century. To make the look even scarier, this spider mannequin also acts like a performance. The dress also covers the spider’s stomach as part of its design.

Petrification-Mutated Denizens

A split-image of various basic Petrification Disease enemies beside a bloater in a tight space, and a more heavy tendril-crowned Arm Cannon bloater on a roof in Lies of P.

You start to see how the Petrification Disease changes Krat’s people and how scary it can be when it happens at a certain point in Lies of P. Like Cordyceps, T-Virus, Biophages, and The Ridden before it, Petrification Disease is a virus that makes enemies that are special and strong.

All of the Petrification-mutated enemies are well-designed and very detailed. The basic infected townspeople look like the Night King mixed with BioShock’s Splicers. The larger bloater minibosses and arm gun enemies are also very detailed. They definitely take some ideas from The Last of Us.

Lunging Petrification-Mutated Demodogs

A crawling enemy lunging at the player with a yellow mist behind it and another following behind.

These enemies look and act a lot like the Demogorgon Dogs from Stranger Things. Hopefully, they are not what happened to Krat’s dogs when they got the Petrification Disease. Their four-legged shape and the way their faces open in a similar way give them that look.

These monsters are also different from others with the Petrification disease because their features are greenish-yellow instead of blue. This includes the gasses they can give off and the bumps that cover their faces. They are one of the easiest enemies to beat, but their lunge move makes them more scary.

Petrification-Mutated Stinger Enemy

A close-up of a hunchback zombie-like enemy from Lies of P with a blue stinger sticking out from the back.

The Petrification Disease really makes body horror worse in Lies of P, and the Petrification bunch has another enemy type that looks like a scorpion bite. This one isn’t a real big scorpion, though. It’s a Krat resident that has changed and now has a long, rubbery blue tail growing through their back.

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The Petrification’s hunched back, sharp claws for hands, and split face with antennae fibers moving around from holes in the flesh are just as gross to look at as the stinger sticking out of a huge hole in the back. This looks a lot like a Harvester, so it could very well be an enemy you face in Amnesia.

Jester Puppet

The tall and creepy Jester puppet holding its spiked weapon hands out before attacking the player.

Were you scared when you threw the Mad Clown puppet? The Jester Puppet is even scarier and more intense, both in terms of the character and the boss fight. This boss has gotten away from the Krat Festival and is waiting for you in Chapter Seven’s Lorenzini Arcade. It makes sense, since this doll looks a lot like a mechanical from Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Even though jesters are already creepy, this one is even scarier because it’s a huge doll with painted-on features and clothes. These scary features—its bright red eyes and sharp Edward Scissorhands weapons on each arm—make it even scarier.

Giant Petrification-Mutated Necromorph Enemy

A Necromorph bladed arm miniboss charging at the player near tables inside a bar area.

When it comes to the Petrification monsters you can fight in Lies of P, this is by far the scariest and most dangerous one. This boss can be found in one of the buildings in the Malum District. They deal damage from a distance in a very strange way.

It looks just like a Dead Space Necromorph because both of its hands have very long spikes that stick out. Another thing about this boss is that it’s really creepy. Its swollen belly is split in half, and the rest of its body is sticking up through the face. Tentacles are moving around inside.

Giant Plaga Tendril Puppet

A giant doll with a Plaga-tentacled head about to take a swing at the player.

The creator has made it possible for you to see what happens when Petrification Disease spreads to a giant puppet miniboss. This one is a lot like the new Milkman miniboss you find at the start of Backrooms Game after the Ergo changes the world, but it’s bigger and stronger.

It looks a lot like the Las Plagas bug that makes the same kinds of monsters in Resident Evil 4. The Petrification has completely taken over the puppet’s head, and there is now a huge network of bladed tentacles that looks like a mix between a Plaga Guadana with many tentacles and the squishy tentacles of Lies of P’s Green Monster of the Swamp.

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