10 Best Drinks In Starfield To Increase Your Persuasion


These are the best drinks in Starfield for quickly making people more likely to agree with you.

As you do your tasks and missions in Starfield, you’ll learn that you don’t always need to use violence to solve problems. Sometimes, all you need is a good talk to get what you want.

If you want to get ahead in these kinds of conversations, one way is to be very persuasive. You can learn and get better at reasoning while you play the game, of course. There are also outside factors, like drinks, that can briefly make you more convincing. It would help a lot to know which of these drinks are the best and where to get them.

Chunks Wines

Starfield, Split Images Of The Chunks WIne Consumable Items

There are three types of wine from the Chunks brand that will briefly make you more persuasive after you drink them. These are the Cabernet Chunkignon, the Chunks Wine, and the Chunks Wine Backed.

For three minutes, all three items raise your chance of persuasion by 8%. On top of that, they cut your oxygen return time by 15% for three minutes. These wines are easy to find in bars all over the Settled Systems. And they won’t cost you more than 265 credits each.

Drink Pack Wines

Starfield, Split Images Of The Drink Pack Wine Consumable Items

There are two types of wines in the Drink Pack that can quickly make you more convincing: white and red. You can get these drinks in a lot of places, like Neon and New Atlantis.

It costs 240 credits for each drink, and after drinking one. You have an extra 10% chance of persuasion for three minutes. Other helpful things that raise different stats and skills are also made by this brand.

Astral Lounge Special Sangria

Starfield, Screenshot Of Entertainers In The Astral Lounge

This Astral Lounge Special Sangria can be found in the Astral Lounge. Which is in the lovely city of Neon on Planet Volii Alpha. The drink is worth 380 points.

For five minutes, this drink gives you an extra 12 percent chance of persuasion. Which is very helpful in a game where decisions need to be made quickly and the gaps are very small. This drink will also take away 15% of your air recovery time for five minutes after you drink it. Because of where it is. This drink is a good choice for the “All That Money Can Buy” quest with Walter Stroud.

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Sparkling Wine

Starfield, Scrrenshot Of The Sparkling Wine Consumable Item

The sparkling wine drink looks just as classy as it sounds. These drinks and foods are the most beautifully made ones you can find in Starfield. They cost 265 credits each.

There are a lot of fun places to get this drink, like The Rock in Akila City, which is always fun. Over the course of five minutes, the drink raises your chances of persuasion by 10% and shortens the time it takes for your air to return to normal by 15%.

The New Arrival

Starfield, Screenshot Of The New Arrival Consumable Item

You can find the Chimera at Viewport Tavern in New Atlantis, which is a beautiful city. It costs 405 credits there. The fact that this drink is hard to find is definitely a problem.

There is, however, more to this drink than just the important 12 percent increase in persuasion chance for five minutes and the huge 20 percent reduction in oxygen recovery time. For five minutes, this drink also gives you an extra six carry capacity, which is a big plus for stealing.

The Chimera

Starfield, Screenshot Of The Chimera Consumable Item

The Euphorika shop in Ebbside Neon City has the Chimera for sale for 525 credits. The drink looks good and is one of the most visually pleasing foods and drinks in Funny Shooter 2.

The Chimera not only looks good, but it also has some really cool benefits. For three minutes, it gives you an extra 10% chance to persuade someone, 15% less time to recover from oxygen deprivation. And most amazingly, an extra 50% damage protection.


Starfield, Screenhot Of The Supernova Consumable Item

This drink looks great, and you can get it at the Viewport Tavern in New Atlantis. For five minutes, the drink is worth 525 credits and gives you an extra 12 percent chance to persuade. A 25% shorter time to recover from oxygen use, and 20 more oxygen.

It’s easy to spot the Supernova. Because it’s the only one on this list that you get after finishing a side quest. You can’t order this drink from Nyssa Marcano the first time you meet her unless you help her with the Distilling Confidence side task. There’s a fun side quest you can do with the drink even if you’re not interested in that.

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Bayu Private Reserve

Starfield, Screenshot Of The Astral Lounge

Only in Neon City can you find the Bayu Private Reserve. You can get it at the Astral Lounge for 885 credits. When looking for the best drinks to persuade people in Starfield. The fact that they are hard to get is not ideal.

There is, however, one drink in the Settled Systems. That gives you the biggest boost in chances for the longest time: the Bayu Private Reserve. For ten minutes, the drink raises your chance of persuasion by 15%. Which is a huge boost compared to other drinks. It also cuts the time it takes for your air to return to normal by 20% for a huge ten minutes.

The Velocity Drink Brand

Starfield, Split Images Of The Velocity Consumable Items

There are six different colored Velocity drinks, which not only make it easier to persuade someone. But also make you feel like you have real choices because each one is a different color.

For 595 credits, you can buy all six types of drinks at Madame Sauvage’s Place in Ebbside Neon on Volii Alpha. The fact that you can only get these drinks in one place makes them less appealing than other choices that are available in more places. Not only do these drinks give you an extra 12% chance to persuade for three minutes. But they also slow your oxygen recovery by 25% for three minutes and protect you from 60 damage for three minutes, making you as strong as some of the best armor.

The Chandra Alcoholic Drinks

Starfield, Split Images Of The Chandra Wine Consumable Items

Chandra makes a lot of great drinks that can help you persuade people all over the star map. You can choose from eight different drinks from this brand, which is the most of any drink that helps influence.

Not only are there a lot of choices, but each choice can be found in at least five different places across the Settled Systems. This makes it the easiest drink to get in the game. All Chandra drinks give you an extra 12% chance to persuade someone for five minutes and shorten the time it takes for your air to return to normal by 15%.

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