18 Best Game Combos In Game Dev Tycoon


People who play Game Dev Tycoon can make great games for fans, and some types of games go really well together.

In the game Game Dev Tycoon, players can live out their biggest dreams by running their own game development business. Beginning with simple games, players will be able to create amazing adventures that will last for more than 30 years with some really exciting games. In Game Dev Tycoon, a big part of making a great game is combining different types of games and themes to make titles that are fun to play.

The hard part is actually finding these perfect combinations. That’s why this list goes over some of the best and most profitable combinations that players can make right away to start making more money. Because Game Dev Tycoon can get hard, players need to find the best mix as soon as possible so they can get started right away. This way, they can finally unlock bigger offices and make AAA games that are truly amazing in every way.

Cyberpunk Action Games

The game concept in Game Dev Tycoon

Cyberpunk 2077 has shown that action games set in this world are sure to be popular. After all, a cyberpunk future setting lets devs really go for it when they make really powerful guns and special abilities that give players an epic power trip. So, it stands to reason that people who play Game Dev Tycoon would use this combo to market their games.

Of course, players should wait until they have a slightly bigger office before attempting to make such a large game. If a player plays their cards right, their company can quickly become something truly magical thanks to the popularity of this game.

School Simulators

The development process in Game Dev Tycoon

While action games are usually thought of as boring, it’s nice to see strategy games that let players focus on tasks that are supposed to be boring but end up being very fun. One example is running a school, which might sound like the most boring thing in the world. But games that make this task as fun as possible can become big hits very quickly.

In Game Dev Tycoon, it’s easy to see why computer games about schools can work so well together. Even though it’s clear that the people who worked on this game did a lot of research, the game itself needs to be flawless and bug-free in order for fans of the company to get rave reviews and lots of sales.

An RPG With Vampires

Reviews for an RPG game for Game Dev Tycoon

In recent years, vampires have become very popular in pop culture, even though they are just stories. People quickly like these creatures because of their pale skin, airy beauty, and charming personalities. It’s almost hard to believe that these bloodthirsty creatures are actively hunting humans for their blood.

Coming up with an RPG with these creatures in charge is a good idea that works well in Game Dev Tycoon. If players choose this combination, they can get a quick hit. However, it might not be the best idea for them to use this combo in their first game.

Rhythm Action Games

A sales report in Game Dev Tycoon

Because rhythm games can be hard to sell on their own, adding a fun theme can help them sell a lot more. Because of this, it’s clear why beat action games can be very popular.

Just like any other Game Dev Tycoon game, this one needs to be perfectly made and bug-free in order to sell well. Fans can be sure that their game will get its fair share of fans with this type mix.

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Post-Apocalyptic RPGs

News in Game Dev Tycoon

The world after the end of the world has become one of the most famous settings for movies, TV shows, and video games. As it turns out, this is also pretty true in Game Dev Tycoon. This setting is great for selling games right away.

Putting this setting together with the tried-and-true RPG style is a guaranteed way to make any video game more popular. It’s clear why this is the path that so many people take when making a game in Game Dev Tycoon.

Time Travel Adventure Games

An advanced office in Game Dev Tycoon

Time travel is an interesting idea that has been interpreted in a lot of different ways in different types of entertainment. If you want a great genre for video games set in this world, the adventure genre is a great choice.

For anyone who plays Game Dev Tycoon, making an adventure game about going back in time is a great idea. Fans are sure to love this choice because it is safe and grea. As long as the game is made right.

Racing Simulations

Game Dev Tycoon logo

In Game Dev Tycoon, racing models are some of the best and easiest games to make. But players shouldn’t be careless about how these games are being made.

The people who work on these games need to be very skilled, and the games themselves need to be just right. Assuring that this will lead to a hugely popular driving game that players will want to play over and over again!

Horror Action Titles

Employees in Game Dev Tycoon

One of the hardest things to understand about video games is the scary genre. While most horror games are probably just cheap jump scare fests. There are a few that have great settings and interesting stories.

A great way to make a hit game in Game Dev Tycoon is to mix this type of game with action gaming. People who play this game will be rich as long as it is made with style.

Fantasy Action RPGs

Developers working at a game in Game Dev Tycoon

It’s possible that fantasy-action RPGs are the most clear choice for this list. It’s easy to see how popular high fantasy is by looking at the most-played video games. This is especially true when action and role-playing game types are mixed together.

In Game Dev Tycoon, these games are very popular, but keep in mind that. If you want the game to focus on motion, it needs to run like butter and look great as well. That’s why players should start out small before trying this difficult but very good combo.

Strategic Action Games With Dungeon Crawling

Reviews for a game in Game Dev Tycoon

Crawling through dungeons is a big part of most action games, and these small, limited spaces are great for making levels and adding different kinds of enemies. Things would be even more interesting if there was some planning involved.

There’s no doubt that this mix brings in a lot of cash for a player’s business. But players should still try a different path that uses fewer resources and takes into account the skills of the company’s employees. This can be tried early on as well.

Sci-Fi Action-Adventure Titles

Training options in Game Dev Tycoon

This genre has given us some of the most interesting and memorable places ever. It’s very easy to write stories that take place in different worlds. Because space is so big and still mostly undiscovered.

It’s sure to be fun to make an action-adventure game set in this place. They will get a lot of fans for their company if they choose this hit mix!

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Spy Adventure RPGs

A game in development in Game Dev Tycoon

People who play games are very interested in covert operations. If you want to really get into the idea of sneaking in Flappy Bird, you should use a smart mix of styles. There’s nothing wrong with thinking about it in an action-heavy way.

To begin, the journey tag makes me think of a big spy story that takes place in many strange places. The game can be made more like a game with the addition of RPG features!

Space Simulation Games With An Emphasis On Action

A Custom Game Engine in Game Dev Tycoon

A lot of gamers are really interested in space and love to see what it has to offer. Putting this setting and the idea of games together is sure to be fun, and players already love this mix.

For extra points, activity can be added to the growth process in a healthy way. The end result is a huge hit that will make these games even more appealing.

Casual Fashion RPGs

A Publisher proposing a contract to the player in Game Dev Tycoon

Players may not always want to use the same set of cards together. Part of the fun of Game Dev Tycoon is that players can make whatever they want. So playing the same old genres over and over again might get old after a while.

So, players who want to try something new can do the same thing by making something outstanding with a fashion background. Giving this game a relaxed feel and adding a lot of RPG features can help it sell a lot of copies.

Adventurous Life Simulators

0_0005_Game Dev Tycoon

Life sims are without a doubt some of the most well-known games out there. People who play these games only have to look at games like “The Sims” to see how popular they are.

Adding this commercial mix to a bit of adventure can make this game very appealing to a lot of people. Fans who have been playing the same genres together for a while will love this quick and easy way to change things up.

Strategic Action Games In A Medieval Setting

A Sales report message from Game Dev Tycoon

The Middle Ages are a famous and interesting time period for most games to take place in. Even though action games will obviously do better here, a smart mix can boost sales even more.

This is where a strategic point of view comes in. A lot of other games have used the Middle Ages as a setting for exciting strategy games, and now Game Dev Tycoon lets players do the same!

Fantasy Action-Adventure Titles

Game Dev Tycoon Gameplay Game Development Finish

When it comes to hits, fantasy is a great subject. There has already been talk about the link between action and role-playing games (RPGs), and action games can also help adventure come out in fantasy games.

In the end, this makes a game that will be a big hit with people of all ages right away. Again, it’s important to make sure that professionals are making this game. Because it might not do very well if it’s not.

Casual Airplane Simulators

greenheart games august 2020

Based on how well Microsoft Flight Simulator did, it should be clear that a game like it will also do very well. The same thing happens in Game Dev Tycoon, and players are rewarded for making this tried-and-true combo.

An easy-to-use airplane simulator could really get a lot of fans, as long as the development goes well. It’s a great way for companies to switch their focus after too long of focused on certain music mixes.

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