Why Should You Definitely Visit Southern Part Of India Once?

Visit Southern Part Of India

If you cherish travelling, then India has such places which shall satisfy the traveller in you. You can visit the Taj Mahal and the Himalayas, which are the main spots tourists from all over the world consider whenever planning a trip to India. Be that as it may, India has places far more than the Fatehpur Sikri and the Taj Mahal. The shorelines of South India and the blue skies will mesmerize you beyond any doubt. The reasons you should definitely visit South India are as under:

Cool and hospitable people:

The five states of Southern India speak an assortment of languages and Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada are the fundamental ones. Ladies wear sari while men wear lungi or mund. These people are super hospitable and warm and very welcoming.

Delectable cuisine:

If you are a foodie, then South India offers a portion of the best cooking styles in the world. In the majority of the South Indian states, individuals are genuine foodies and they cherish serving and eating on a banana leaf. You would find that the culinary of South India is mouth-watering with an assortment of dishes that incorporates lentils, rice, fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. They utilize a considerable measure of chilly, tamarind, spices and coconut in the food that they cook.

A Movie

Exactly, if you love to watch movies, but you hardly get time then train journey gives you all the time you want. You can carry a phone or tab having the movies of your choice. While you are in a train, you can watch the movie without any discomfort. Since you are in the train, it won’t jolt or jerk you much. If you would have been in a bus, it might have been little troublesome to watch a movie. But trains are almost stable when they run. So, you can comfortably watch a full movie!

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A portion of the features:

Cochin is vivid:

Kochi or Cochin is a standout amongst the most excellent ports in the land. It is situated towards the West Coast and is nearer to the Arabian Sea. You can discover everything in Cochin. A Synagogue that is around 400 years of age to the spice streets in Kochi, everything that you find here is lovable. Aside from the rich and diverse culture of Kerala, the place is additionally home to a blend of societies that incorporate culture straight from Portugal and Holland.

Tamil Nadu and temples:

If you have ever thought of going to Tamil Nadu via the Delhi to Chennai Flights schedule, there are various temples that you must go. You can begin with Kanchipuram, known as the “city of a thousand temples”. It is the previous capital of the Pallava kingdom and is the significant site of touring and here you can discover temples from medieval era. The place contains wonderfully formed shrines. Some of the temples and caves here are protected by UNESCO.


Chennai otherwise called Madras is a beautiful place that you should visit in the event that you truly need to appreciate the city life and furthermore see the buzzing city life and how it happens. Marina Beach that is around 12 km in length is one of the features of Chennai city. The most stunning thing about this shoreline is that it is this long. So, do not miss whenever you plan to visit Chennai.

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