Why mailroom management software is so important for business?

mailroom management software

No matter if you own the residential or commercial property the most important obligations is to ensure that tenants get their mail promptly even if they’re not inside the building when the package arrives. To handle all the packages and deliveries, a lot of property managers choose to keep all packages from one location the mailroom. But how do you best for mailroom management? How can you make use of technology to run your mailroom to the highest effectiveness?

What is a system for storing mail?

A mailroom system is a device or solution designed to simplify and automate the process of taking deliveries and managing the mailroom of a building. Systems for managing mailrooms include equipment and software that help the building’s staff to take deliveries. They also keep packages and notify tenants about deliveries, and make sure that tenants are able to pick up their parcels.

Mailrooms managed by people using many different strategies throughout the years. The traditional mailroom system required a staff member from the property or a mailroom clerk manually take delivery. The clerk would organize and store packages and notify residents of deliveries.

However, today we have the technology available to automate these processes and cut down on time for employees. In the end, you can substitute the manual processes of managing mailrooms with software or different digital options.

Alongside ensuring the security of tenants managing packages is also one of the primary duties of every property manager. Mailrooms can found in all kinds of properties, from office buildings to residential homes to colleges.

Mailroom Management Software

Software for managing your mailroom is one method to reduce the time it takes to deliver. With this software, your employees won’t need to manually record every package or notify tenants of delivery dates. The most efficient software for managing your mailroom lets tenants label packages as they received. Taking that responsibility off of the staff and helping them save even more time.

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The majority of mailroom software has scanners or mobile application that allows staff to quickly scan any package to register them into the system. Because the software recognizes the owner’s identity, it informs the tenant about their delivery via text or email or through a messaging platform like Slack. The software could also allow tenants to mark packages that they have delivered that they can mark as picked up with a tablet inside the mailroom or by using an app for mobile devices using their phones.

Software assists mailroom workers cut down on the monotonous tasks. However, employees still need to be able to scan every package. Software solutions do not restrict access to the building to couriers, which can cause delays in deliveries or security concerns.

The benefits of a mailroom system

A mailroom management system reduces on the manual tasks for your employees or the mailroom clerks. It offers a central, easy way for your business to receive packages, inform tenants and keep track of the date that packages collected.

The advantages of a mailroom management system comprise:

  • Time saved on the entry of data and managing packages
  • It virtually eliminates the possibility of misplacing or losing the contents of a box
  • The staff members are freed up of their time and allowing them be more productive
  • Enhancing the experience of staff and reducing turnover
  • Improve the experience for tenants
  • Making money by increasing the efficiency of staff

Why you require a system to manage your mailroom

There are many disadvantages which result from relying on staff members’ manual work to manage the mailroom. Many of the tasks of a clerk in a mailroom -receiving parcels from couriers, recording that the packages received and notifying tenants are time-consuming. Today, those tasks can perform quickly and automatically by using technology.

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Manual procedures carry the chance of human error which could cause a lost or damaged package. Furthermore that amount of time your staff employees spend performing these routine tasks is astounding. This is time that your employees could be able to focus on more important things like making tenants happy. It is possible to distribute your staff’s tasks more efficiently if make the investment in a digital mailing room system that automatizes a lot of the delivery process.

Systems for digital mailrooms speed up the delivery process by incorporating features such as:

  • Automatically sent notifications to tenants by text message or email following the delivery of their package
  • Automatic reminders sent to tenants in the event that packages aren’t taken care of
  • Scan QR codes and barcodes with capabilities that help cut down in data entry


There are a variety of alternatives to pick from when it comes to reducing the burden of managing your mailroom. However, if you examine what needed to make a mailroom management system or a locker for packages work to your house. All one is more labor-intensive than the best option that is PackageX.

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