Which popular spots make Kuwait tourist destination?

Kuwait tourist destination

Situated between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait tourist destination might not be on your bucket list. But do you know that the country used to be one of the poorest nations in the world, but it has developed rapidly over last 70 years. Kuwaitis in the present time grow up with the swankiest clothes, most luxurious cars, and so on. It is a fascinating place to be in, and this is the country where the tradition and modern shake hands.

Yeah, you might have gone to plenty of spots, exotic destinations and international tours, but if you want to try out something different, something cultural, then Kuwait is the place. Living in Delhi, you must have explored and visited all the historic spots, cultural places, gardens and tourist attractions in the city. So now why not go international this time and explore something quirky like Kuwait? Go ahead and check out Delhi to Kuwait flight ticket price, and it would not be a burden on your finances too.  For now have a look at a few things to do in Kuwait

Kuwait Towers – Most Popular Destination

It is Kuwait tourist destination famous landmark. Recently renovated, the Kuwait Towers are presently once again open to the public. The main tower owns both a viewing platform and a restaurant. On a clear day, the tourist can experience an overview of almost the whole country. If not the whole nation, at least the occupied parts of it.  Yes, you guessed it right; the country is not too gigantic!

Grand Masque:  A Perfect Place for Religious Souls

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If you are a religious person, then you must visit this spot on priority basis.  You would get to learn more about the chief religion of Kuwait by visiting this largest mosque in the country. Arabs are really warm and welcoming people, and the folks running the mosque are no exception to this. An imposing, stylish and beautifully decorated building will captivate your senses. It is needless to say that it is a must for every tourist.  The inside of this mosque is really calm and cool, and once you step in from the outside world; you will feel a complete transformation from heat to coolness.

Failaka Island

You can take the ferry to Failaka, one of the islands of Kuwait. Before the Gulf War, people used to live here, but the island was emptied during the war, and many of the structures were never rebuilt. Presently, it is mainly a huge open-air monument to the fears of war.  If you are a historic or adventurous person, then you must visit to destroyed houses, offices, and schools and explore what war does to a nation. In case, you are short on time and still wish to experience history of Gulf War Al Quran, the House of Martyrs is an imposing alternative that is rather easier to reach. The choice rests with you!

So, check out Delhi to Kuwait flight fares and head to Kuwait tourist destination for a cultural and distinct experience that too within your budget.

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