What Is The Difference Between Pcr And Rt-Pcr Covid Test?

What Is The Difference Between Pcr And Rt-Pcr Covid Test?

Covid-19 came and gave us many lessons. It told us that health is essential at every step. It notified us that we should get the regular test to stay healthy. Many people who got fear of injections did PCR tests to detect Covid-19. PCR test does not involve injection, but it expresses many of your internal conditions. In this article, you will read about the difference between PCR and RT-PCR.


PCR is a Polymerase chain reaction in which scientists make multiple copies of genetic material to investigate the existence of Covid-19 genetic material in a human specimen. The Genetic material used for the whole process is DNA. PCR test involves the following steps;

  1. Sampling
  2. Isolation of a fragment
  3. Denaturation of genetic material
  4. Annealing for primers attachment
  5. Elongation of a selected fragment

Applications of PCR

Researchers have been using PCR tests for a long time. They have been utilizing it for various applications, including;

  • DNA fingerprinting
  • Detection of viral infections
  • Gene therapy
  • Genetic matching
  • Pre-natal diagnosis


RT-PCR is a Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction and is a modified form of traditional PCR. In this reaction, scientists amplify the mRNA taken from a small sample. It involves the following steps;

  1. Sampling
  2. Inactivation of a genetic material
  3. Extraction of m RNA
  4. Geno Typing
  5. Plating of m RNA
  6. Amplification of mRNA
  7. Analysis

Applications of RT-PCR

RT-PCR test is a modern PCR technique that is more efficient than traditional PCR. Test conductors use it for different purposes, including;

  • SNP analysis
  • Virus detection
  • Amplification of transgenes
  • Cancer gene quantification


Scientists can detect the existence of Covid-19 using both kinds of PCR tests, but there are also some differences between PCR and RT-PCR tests.

  • PCR involves DNA annealing, while RT-PCR involves cDNA annealing, which is complementary DNA.
  • Scientists use Taq polymerase enzyme in PCR and reverse transcriptase enzyme in RT- PCR tests.
  • PCR tests take more time to show results than RT-PCR tests.
  • RT-PCR gives more accurate and reliable results than PCR tests.
  • Unlike PCR tests, there is no need to purify mRNA in RT-PCR during the cloning process.
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According to research, TR-PCR is a pro-version of PCR with unlimited developments, including accuracy and result duration.

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