What Is the Components of Blue Prism Course

Blue Prism Course

Blue Prism is one of the most popular RPA tools of this era useful for automating manual, and repetitive operations and simplifying business processes. Using Blue Prism in a business reduces the manual workforce and allows human employees to use their talents in better ways.

A Blue Prism course typically covers a range of topics and components to ensure that participants gain a thorough understanding of robotic process automation (RPA) using the Blue Prism platform.

Components in Blue Prism

The Blue Prism tool consists of three significant components which are the pillars of Blue Prism architecture.

Introduction to Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Overview of RPA and its significance in business processes.

Understanding the role of automation in improving efficiency and reducing errors.

Introduction to Blue Prism

Overview of Blue Prism as an RPA tool.

Understanding the features and capabilities of Blue Prism.

Blue Prism Architecture

Explanation of the Blue Prism software architecture.

Understanding the roles of different components in the Blue Prism ecosystem.

Installation and Configuration

Step-by-step guide to installing and configuring Blue Prism.

Setting up the development and control environments.

Inputs and Outputs

Handling inputs and outputs in Blue Prism processes.

Managing data within the automation process.

Error Management and Exception Handling

Strategies for error management and exception handling in Blue Prism.

Best practices for dealing with errors and ensuring robust automation.

Object Studio

This component is useful for constructing the reusable Blue Prism Objects. This process requires modelling the current applications and training Blue Prism as a robotic user. It acts as a stage useful for programming the Blue Prism robot. After that, the Blue Prism robot deals with the fundamental system activities acting as the foundation of processes.

Process Studio

This component is useful for designing, building, editing, and testing the Blue Prism elements processes. It facilitates the scheduling of actions in the process layer as the library of business objects grows. Along with it, this component of Blue Prism provides a very similar interface to Object Studio. Along with it, Process Studio is useful for testing the business logic and object calls in a visible business flow.

Control room

This is the third component of Blue Prism useful for helping a business schedule, perform, and control various processes. Furthermore, it is useful for monitoring and reviewing the status of the connected runtime resources. Along with it, the control room also facilitates the manual process start and stop and ensures extensive management information.

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Work Queues

Understanding work queues and their importance in Blue Prism.

Implementing work queues for effective process management.

Security and Governance

Ensuring security in Blue Prism implementations.

Implementing governance policies for RPA.

Advanced Blue Prism Features

Exploring advanced features such as credential management, code stage, and more.

Leveraging Blue Prism functionalities for complex automation scenarios.

Integration with Other Technologies

Integrating Blue Prism with other technologies, such as databases, APIs, and web services.

Handling data interchange between Blue Prism and external systems.

Best Practices and Optimization

Best practices for designing, building, and maintaining Blue Prism processes.

Strategies for optimizing and improving the efficiency of automated processes.

Certification Preparation

Guidance on preparing for Blue Prism certification exams.

Practice tests and hands-on exercises to reinforce learning.

Applications of Blue Prism

Using Blue Prism Course Benefits helps in increasing the automation speed and quality to a great extent. This RPA tool is less expensive in comparison to other automation tools. Along with it, Blue Prism cuts down operational costs and eliminates the requirement for costly integration and process re-design expertise. Along with it, Blue Prism results in improving performance and helps a business collaborate with the robotic workforce. Above all, this platform is secure, audited, and governed within the governance IT corridor. Due to these reasons, this RPA tool is useful for numerous purposes and applications. To further know about its applications & components, one can enroll in the Blue Prism Course. Below are some popular applications of Blue Prism.

  • It is useful for rules-based processing using structured digital inputs.
  • Facilitates transactional processing that is repeated.
  • Ensures high transaction quantities.
  • Useful for managing the issues with process adherence/quality.
  • Facilitates complex or mission-critical procedures.
  • Useful for changing in demand or backlogs.
  • Blue Prism is also useful for HR onboarding.

Benefits of Using Blue Prism

Blue Prism Course is a brilliant technology that allows autonomous engines to run on process priorities. In addition, this software tool is compatible with various platforms and technologies such as Windows app, WPF app, Java, SAP, Exchange, custom apps, Citrix, thick client, and thin client. Etc. Along with it, Blue Prism ensures high security and can manipulate the presentation layer just like a human would do. It consists of operational robots capable of performing numerous types of operations.

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Furthermore, Blue Prism Course provides great flexibility and scalability as it offers numerous reusable components and libraries. Above all, this tool consists of many kinds of reporting and analytics features that play a significant role in generating high-quality data. Many institutes provide Blue Prism Training in Gurgaon and one can enroll in them to start a career in this domain. Given below are some significant benefits of using Blue Prism.

  • Great Experience- Blue Prism has been in the market for more than 20 years and is proven, secure and trusted by thousands of customers.
  • Fully Managed- It does all the heavy lifting work itself and allows a company to focus on its customers and business. It ensures 99.9% uptime and is highly reliable.
  • Highly Secure- This platform meets the security demands of regulated markets and provides you with a dedicated platform with no shared resources.
  • Includes Everything- Blue Prism provides great offerings and results in reducing automation time by a great percentage.


One of the most widely used RPA tools of this age is Blue Prism, which helps streamline company processes and automate repetitive and manual tasks. When a company uses Blue Prism, it can reduce the amount of manual Labour and make greater use of the talents of its human personnel. The three key elements that make up the Blue Prism tool are also the foundation of the Blue Prism Benefits architecture. There are many uses and applications for this RPA tool. Blue Prism guarantees maximum security and has human-like control over the presentation layer. Additionally, because Blue Prism has a large number of reusable components and libraries, it offers excellent flexibility and scalability. Above all, this tool offers a wide range of analytics and reporting options that are crucial in producing high-quality data.

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