What do you prefer Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage?

Massage is essential to maintain the health of the body. After a hectic work routine, a body needs to take a break to the mind and muscles. 

Massage with soft, light music in tranquility is no less than a blessing. The desirable experience anyone wants to have. A man not only enjoys it but also has very productive results on physical and mental health. It gives a healing impact on the body. But there are various types of massages to take based on different conditions of the body. Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are commonly used massage types. If you are confused about selecting massage types, this blog can guide you.

Keep reading this blog to know about the suitable type of massage based on your body condition.

Why a body needs a massage?

An individual’s skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments are massaged by pressing, rubbing, and manipulating them. Light stroking to deep pressure can be used in massage. Among the many types of massage, here are a few common ones:

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Sports massage
  • Trigger point massage

Overview of Swedish massage

Among all types of massage, Swedish massages are the most relaxing. The therapist manipulates muscles and joints to relieve stress and promote circulation using many types of stimulation. Using light to firm pressure, tight muscles can be stimulated by kneading, tapping, and vibrating. Relaxation can also be achieved through this type of massage by using essential or natural oils.

Why you should go for Swedish Massage?

●     Good for beginners

The impacts of Swedish massage prove to be beneficial for beginners as its application is gentle and soft. A human who is taking his first ever massage will have mild aftereffects of the massage compared to a man who is taking trigger point or sports massage.

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In massage, the pressure point can cause sourness and swellings in the body. But if it is your first massage, you should go for the gentle massage type to prevent the soreness and pains in your body.

The application of Swedish massage is gentle and soft, which uplifts our mood and brings a healthy and positive change in our health. Moreover, it heals the muscle’s pain and regenerates the energy level in your life.

●     To lower stress and depression

When you are going through depression and stress, your mind needs a calm and peaceful massage that gives a healing impact on the brain. Swedish massage is best to treat the symptoms of depression and stress. Swedish massage greatly impacts your nervous system and helps you release stress hormones. Thus, you feel a considerable drop in your stress and depression.

●     For better sleep

Swedish massage gives healing impacts to the body and reduces the stress on muscles, increasing blood flow. Blood circulation improves sleep patterns.

●     Treat body pains

Swedish massage deals with body pains smoothly. The long Swedish massage session treats the joints and muscular pains of the body. It gently reaches the deeper layers of the skin and treats the sore muscles.

Overview of deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage follows a technique with pressure on a specific area. Its application includes specific pressure points to treat the soreness of deep layers of the skin. Its application is similar to Swedish massage, with a slight pressure difference—the pressure techniques change based on the muscles’ soreness. Deeper strokes and harder pressure points are the only difference between Swedish and deep tissue massage.

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Why do you need to have a deep tissue massage?

●     To lower blood rate and heart rate.

Stress and tension are reduced by deep tissue massage, which affects blood pressure. There is evidence that massage can improve arterial, systolic, and diastolic blood pressure. Serotonin, which promotes happiness and good feelings, can also be increased by deep tissue massage.

●     To improve movement and tissue scars.

Due to scar tissue, the human body can feel pain and stiffness. Deep tissue massage is very beneficial in breaking up the scar tissue and healing the pain. It improves the lymphatic circulation and flexibility of muscles; thus, it gives very productive results to healing from surgery.

●     To recover injured muscles.

Deep tissue massage rapidly heals the effects of the injury. You can receive a deep tissue massage if you have injured muscles to stretch tight or twisted muscles, as well as to facilitate the movement of toxins from the muscles.

Sports-related injuries are frequently treated with deep tissue massage therapy. As deep tissue massage helps delay muscle soreness, prevent injury, and ease muscle fatigue, many athletes, are incorporating it into their recovery protocols.

Final thought

Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are widely used to get healing impacts in different body situations. But if you went to an untrained therapist, you may have the negative impacts of massage. Thus, ensure you get a massage from an expert massage therapist. Meridian spa is flooded with trained massage therapists.

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