Use of Bubble Wrap Rolls in Shipping Items

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wraps are an essential packaging material for most product-based companies. Since its invention in the 1960s, there is a steady demand for it in the global marketplace.

Although, a lot of companies are trying to switch to eco-friendly packing materials to decrease their carbon footprint. But that didn’t diminish the popularity of bubble wrap rolls. Manufacturers are now investing in more biofriendly bubble wraps as an alternative, clean solution.

Why Do Companies Use Bubble Wrap?

Over the years in the packaging industry, we have observed a few things. First, brands prefer economical shipping solutions to up their profit margin. Second, today, the packaging is about protection and customer satisfaction. Bubble wrap ticks these two major boxes along with the other ones.

Works As an Insulator for Perishable Items

A lot of companies ship pharmaceuticals, medicines, fruits and vegetables, dairies among other products. These perishable products ship in bulk and require insulation to be fresh. The air bubbles in the bubble wrap help to create insulation. They also form a sturdy barrier against impacts, rough handling, and bumps on the road.

Saves Shipping Costs

Bubble wraps aren’t just reusable. When bought in bulk, bubble wrap rolls are more cost-effective than other packing materials. Businesses ship a lot of products each day. Hence, it makes sense to get bubble wrap rolls from wholesale packaging companies like Globe Packaging.

This way you can save a lot of money on shipping expenses.

Provides Excellent Product Protection

As a brand, you cannot compromise on product safety. Right from the warehouse to the customer delivery, it is your responsibility to keep the products safe from road impacts, compression, mishandling, etc.

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While some products like apparel or bedding don’t need much protective packaging. However, things like electronics, glassware, books, etc., need maximum protection. Bubble wrap is a reliable packing material for wrapping and cushioning products.

Pro tip: You should always double up in layers while packing electronics or glassware. Combine that with double-wall corrugated boxes and your products are safe even from unfortunate road accidents.

It’s A Reusable Item

Bubble wrap is reusable unless it has significant damage. If the bubbles are intact, you can use them to wrap and ship other products. Often when customers get products wrapped in small bubble wraps, they keep them. Bubble wraps are a great cushioning agent. So, it comes in handy while moving or wrapping gifts. If you think about it, this makes bubble wraps more eco-friendly as compared to other packaging supplies.

It is Lightweight

The structure of bubble wraps consists of mostly air and ultra-light plastic. It hardly adds any weight to the packaging. This has two major benefits. One, the companies save expenses on transport as transport cost calculates the overall package weight. It means businesses can ship in bulk. Second, less shipping cost means lower fuel cost, thus, lower carbon footprint.

Versatile Packaging Supply

Bubble wraps don’t have a rigid structure. They come in rolls and then cut into whatever size is necessary. This makes them extremely flexible for different shapes and sizes of products.

They are malleable enough to take the shape of the product and robust enough to protect it from damage. Additionally, you only need scissors and tapes to cut and secure bubble wraps.

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They also have several uses other than shipping. They can be used to insulate windows, keep your plants safe from storms, keep your vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer time, etc.

Works As A Stress Reliever

We all have popped those bubbles, didn’t we?

Well, it has been proven that bubble wraps can be a huge stress reliever. Popping the air bubbles makes for a good outlet for frustrations and anxiety. Some psychologists often recommend bubble wraps for treating anxious patients.

Moreover, bubble wraps can build your child’s motor skills. For small children, the repeated use of their fingers develops their motor skills better.

As the e-commerce sector is continuing to boom, the use and demand for bubble wrap will always be there. Nowadays, it is about keeping the products safe while providing a fun unboxing experience for customers. Both of which bubble wrap can do efficiently.

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