Updated Requirements of Submission of Chinese Visa Application Online

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If you are looking for an exotic destination that is different and full of new sights, China would best be a country to visit. It is not just the perfect place to have a vacation-you can discover this vast country with very distinctive customs other than your own here. China’s greatest gifts to the world include four inventions (paper, gunpowder, printing and compass) which among many others make Chinese art distinctive. Kung Fu has only recently been popularized in other parts of our planet but it has had its roots in Chinese culture for centuries now; furthermore as far as literature goes there are testaments that give us clues into how rich their heritage really was with one being on cuisine from all over the globe we can take advantage from still today!

Apply China Visa Application with Unique Visa Services Online by Following Few Simple Steps

The China Visa Application Centre in UK accepts China visa application Online under the following conditions below:

1. Starting from 0 a.m., September 28, 2020, foreign nationals holding a valid Chinese residence permit (See sample below) for Work and Personal Matters are allowed to enter China without needing to apply for new visas while those with expired permits may only do so if they want to change their purpose of visit in accordance with current regulations on epidemic prevention and control. The above-mentioned personnel will strictly abide by the Chinese regulations on these matters.

2. An applicant who obtains “Invitation Letter (PU/TE)” or “Verification Confirmation of Invitation” issued by either provincial department of commerce or provincial Foreign Affairs Office intends to visit China for purposes related thereto trade, cultural, educational, Scientific and Technological, events or other purpose.

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3. An applicant who intends to visit China for the following humanitarian reasons:   A) To visit an immediate family member (Including, parents, spouse, children or grandparents) who is in critical medical condition and in need of care; arrange funeral matters of an immediate family member in China. An applicant must provide photocopies of a medical certificate or Death certificate; Proof of relationships (Including Birth certificate and Marriage Certificate); Invitation letter from relatives in China with Inviter’s Chinese ID card included along with requesting visa letter from an applicant. OR B) To take part on international organizations’ activities that are beneficial to people living inside/outside the country which has no intention to pursue any other commercial activity while staying within mainland China. (An overseas organization recognized by those authorities should submit invitation letters issued by government departments.)

4. Applicant applies for C Visa (For Crew Member), R Visa (For foreigner at high talent/Specialist). In accordance with relevant laws and regulations set forth by Chinese law-maker body – including type approval & validity period plus number entries – we shall process your application accordingly.

If you fill the eligibility criteria discussed in above section then you may fill Chinese Visa application online form by browsing our website, complete all your recent travel form and take a print along with two scan copies with mandatory documents to send visa application.

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