UAE Golden Visa advantages you need to know


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What is a golden visa?

It is a ten-year long-term residential visa presented by the government of UAE in 2019, since then, numerous specialists in numerous fields have been approved. If you are an ex-pat and want to live in Dubai for the long term, you need a golden visa. 

Who is eligible for a golden visa?

The visa at first was raised for investors and high-level specialists. Nowadays, its scope has progressively increased. Investors, entrepreneurs, doctors, coders, exceptional students, and professionals in other sectors can have this visa. For example, W Residences Downtown Dubai offers splendid luxury apartments you may choose to live in.

The procedure of the golden visa

Individuals can apply for a golden visa at the website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. Furthermore, the institutions in the supervision of the golden visa would decide whether or not the candidate is qualified.

Regardless of the predefined measures, the government might award a golden visa to a foreign individual without demanding a formal application if they are renowned and have made noteworthy donations to the UAE government and people. For example, Celebrities who have received the golden visa for the UAE comprise Lebanese singer Najwa Karam, Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, famous chef Izu Ani, fashion influencer Ola Farahat and numerous others.

Dubai is attracting foreign investors by introducing new development such as Six Senses Dubai. 

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How to apply for Golden Visa?

Visit the ICA website or download the ICA app on your phone and direct to the golden visa request section, where you need to enter the necessary data and upload the mandatory documents.

The authority will regulate whether to issue a golden visa or not to the aspirant; this procedure might take up to 30 days from the date of the submission.

When your request approves, you will collect a one-month momentary visa if you are a UAE resident and need to renovate your current visa to a golden visa.

If you have submitted your request outside the United Arab Emirates, you can enter this country within six months and collect a golden visa impression in your passport at the entrance.

What is the golden visa price?

There are two types of golden visas in the UAE: a five-year visa for outstanding students’ price AED 650, while a ten-year visa charges AED 1150 for investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals in particular fields. 

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UAE Golden Visa Advantages

Golden visa owners do not need to restart their visas every two years, as other visas are. Further, the visa is legal for 5 or 10 years and can renovate after expiry.

Since the visa permits several entries, you can enter the country and leave for another country as numerous times as you desire.

Moreover, you can look for a job and work for the corporation if it employs you. The procedure of hiring and finding a working document for golden visa holders is the same as for other visa holders.

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The golden visa owners can start a business in the UAE mainland and free zones with full possession without connecting the local partners.

The visa is not expensive, with prices of AED 650 and 1150 for a five-year and ten-year visa, individually.

The golden visa permits the visa owner to live, work, and do business officially in the UAE.

This visa is not accessible to all UAE residents and foreign nationals; the golden visa owners enjoy a specific method to the populations.

The golden visa program contains those working in areas of research and gen, such as doctors, specialists, scientists, and Investors, as well as creative personalities employed in culture and art.

Citizenship and golden visas are not the same in Dubai, as citizenship can award by the government or royal court officials, golden visa requests can submit by individuals, and visa awards from the UAE immigration.

We conclude that UAE golden visa is an opportunity for those who want to do business and stay long in Dubai. There are numerous property investment opportunities existing in Dubai for investors globally. The brand new development is Six Senses Dubai branded Residences.

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