Travelling from Mumbai to Delhi – The Best Seat on Offer

Travelling from Mumbai to Delhi

Travelling from Mumbai to Delhi could either be your usual route, or your first flight experience. Delhi is the capital city of India, while Mumbai is the financial capital of India. Businessmen fly to and from these cities a lot of times.

Passenger seating on aircraft is classified into three categories. They are economy, business, and first class. For many of us, the only flying experience is through the economy class. Let’s take a look at what you get for your money on a typical economy, business and first class tickets. However, these specifications vary depending on the airline and if the flight is a long haul or short haul.

Economy Class

There are not at all comfortable, to be honest. However, if the price is your deciding factor, and all you want the flight to do is get you from A to B, then it, not a bad option. But, when you are on the plane for two or more hours, then you might want to think a little bit about that leg space you are getting. Most economy seats are tightly packed, so you are in for a cosy ride. Some airlines offer amenities like Wi-Fi, food, in-flight entertainment, and other services.

Premium Economy class

This is essentially economic class, with a little extra something. If you are lucky, the extra price you pay may get you a dedicated lounge at the airport and probably a different cabin than the economy. Usually, you will get more full seats and more leg space. A larger TV screen, better food and drinks and greater baggage allowance

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Business Class

It said once you fly business class, you will never be satisfied with the economy again. Well, this might hold some truth, and needless to say, the luxuries in the business class far supersede those in premium economy. It is an entirely different class after all.

It is better in many ways. Starting with pre-flight drinks, to means served on china with proper knives and forks. A general standard is full flatbed seats. Some airline even offers to pick up and drop off service from the airport. If that is not enough, there is a dedicated lounge at the airport where you can get all the free food and drinks you can have.

First Class

This is considered the pinnacle of air travel. These seats are reserved for celebrities, super rich and the super lucky. Aside from privacy, first class does not so much as offer seats as individual suits. However, all this excess luxury comes at a hefty price, almost five times that of business class. The standard of service is exceptional. The staff is highly trained to anticipate every need of their passengers and not to sway by the sight of any celebrity.

Next time you are flying, between the major cities in India, be sure to choose a class, which fits your budget. And if have the money and are game for it you can always try out these luxuries. But before that, you have to check Mumbai to New Delhi Flights Schedule to get on the right flight.

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