Top 7 Reasons for Traveling by Train


There are lots of ways to travel. If you love road trips, you can take your car or hire one and drive. Flights are there for emergency cases and if you are not among those who like to enjoy the entire journey while traveling. But, the train journey is incomparable to anything. When you sit on the train seats or go to the upper berth, you not only travel but meet a mini life in front of you.

The common advantages would include the wide corridors and comfortable seats that let you relax and stretch your legs as much as you want. You will also be allowed to stroll around in the compartment. Enjoying the fresh air occasionally is also possible while travelling on a train. This mode of transport is also great for people who have children accompanying them. It is easier to take care of the children when on trains instead in a bus or plane.

If you go to any railway station, you will see lots of people who run towards different targets in their life. You can be one of them and still be different in the crowd. Traveling by train is quite beneficial than any other ways of transportation.

  1. You Can Carry More Luggage

While you are traveling more distance, especially while you are on a trip, you may need to take essential luggage. In flight, you can’t carry more than the approved amount. While traveling by bus, there is not much space to carry more. But, if you are traveling by train you can carry larger and heavier piece of luggage quite easily.

  1. Trains at Regular Intervals

While traveling by train, you need to know the train times. There are trains at regular intervals, so, if you miss one, you don’t need to get tensed. In India, maximum people travel by train on regular basis. People come to the main city from the interior every day by train. More and more trains will only make transportation easier.

  1. Cost Saving Method

While transportation cost in other methods is rising every day, the train tickets are still within reach of every class of people. While traveling a short distance, the train is the cheapest way than the others. People travel long distance also by train to enjoy the journey thoroughly.

  1. Time-Saving Method

This is another advantage of traveling by train than any other transport. For long distance, you may rely on flights. But, while traveling a short distance, within your state, there is nothing better than traveling by train. It saves much time as there is no traffic jam like roads. Also, you can reach your destination much early and explore the place well if you travel by train.

  1. Enjoying the Nature

Traveling long distance by train brings you closer to nature and you tend to become familiar with the countryside. Thus, train journey never gets boring, especially to the kids if you make them sit beside the window. The interior and rural India can be enjoyed once you are traveling by train only.

  1. Relaxing Journey

While traveling by bus, you can’t stretch a leg and often get back pain when crossing the bumpy roads. In the train, you can book a sleeper for yourself and travel relaxingly. This is mainly happening for long distance, though.

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So, these are the benefits that you can enjoy while traveling by train. So, for the next time, if you are traveling anywhere, buy train tickets and set on.

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