Top 5 Best Action Movie Characters in 2022

Action Movie Characters

In the year 2022, we’ll see many action movies coming out and here are some of the best characters in them. These aren’t necessarily the most popular, but they’re definitely some of the most memorable.

who is clay calloway

The new movie Sing 2 has a lot to offer the viewer. For one, it stars an A-list actor. And for another, the film boasts a musical number. The main character, Clay Calloway, is a former rock star who is now a recluse. But he is out of retirement when he meets Buster Moon and his crew.

Earlier, he had been in a ghost mode for several years, as he’d lost his wife Ruby. Now, he realizes that he’s got a chance to make her happy again through music. He also gets inspired by Ash, the porcupine punk rock guitarist.

This isn’t Clay’s first rodeo. He was once a superstar, but lost his inspiration for his songs after Ruby passed away. But he found his voice again when he met Ash.


If you’re looking for a new action movie to watch in 2022, then look no further than Dominion. The film is the final installment of the Jurassic World trilogy and brings the franchise full circle. It also features some great new characters.

One of the best aspects of “Dominion” is the return of several original “Park” cast members. Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill reprise their roles from the 1993 original. They are joined by Chris Pratt and Laura Dern, as well as Dr. Ian Malcolm and Dr. Ellie Sattler.

The main threat in Dominion isn’t dinosaurs. The real threat is genetically enhanced locusts that are destroying the planet’s agriculture industry. The film’s threat level is surprisingly low, and only appears about 21% of the time.

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The film also has some impressive effects. The filmmakers used both practical and digital effects to create practical animatronic creatures.

The Gray Man

“The Gray Man” is Netflix’s attempt to replicate the blockbuster magic of the likes of “Bright,” “Red Notice,” and “Batman vs Superman.” It’s the latest in a string of action-oriented movies, with a $200 million budget and a cast that includes Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Michael de Armas, and Jessica Henwick.

“The Gray Man” is based on the best-selling series of novels by Mark Greaney. This version of the “Bourne”-esque rogue agent plotline has been used in many films, such as “Mission Impossible” and “Jason Bourne.” But it’s also a fun romp, with a strong cast and some memorable action sequences.

The film starts with Six (Gosling) being chased by a psychopathic former colleague played by Evan Evans. When he escapes, he finds himself in Eastern Europe, where he’s recruited by a black ops program to take down his old enemy. The movie follows Six’s attempts to evade a variety of armed men. He also faces a number of other challenges.

The Woman King

It’s hard to find a character in 2022 that is more deserving of the title “best action movie character” than The Woman King. As the leader of an all-female regiment in the West African kingdom of Dahomey in the early nineteenth century, General Nanisca (Oscar winner Viola Davis) is not only a warrior but also a mentor.

Though the plot is a little bit overstuffed, The Woman King is still a fun and thrilling blockbuster. It is filled with intense fighting scenes, battle scars and a heart-swelling sense of joy. It’s also a historical drama and a story about sisterhood, loss, love and mentorship.

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The Woman King is inspired by true events. As the film begins, we are introduced to the kingdom of Dahomey, which became rich after the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The woman who defended the kingdom in the 1800s is called Agojie. She wears oil on her skin and is as fearsome as Amazons in “Wonder Woman.”

It’s a great cast, led by Viola Davis and Bette Davis. There’s a lot of fighting in this film, but it’s not as violent as the Marvel superhero films. The movie is rated PG-13 for sequences of strong violence.


Buzz Lightyear has been a popular character for a long time. He is an action hero who is capable of delivering the goods, but his personality is not what you expect from an action hero. The character in Lightyear is a good fit for the Toy Story universe, and he does his job well.

He is a smart, ambitious hero, and he has a great sense of humor. He tries to find a way to return to Earth, but he is hindered by his arch nemesis, Emperor Zurg.

His attempts to get home transport him to a distant future. His mission is thwarted by an evil robot that is controlled by the emperor. Eventually, Buzz destroys the fuel that is required for interstellar travel. He is determined to get home, but his attempt leads him to a hostile planet, millions of lightyears away from Earth.

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