Tips to Prepare Your House for Viewings

Tips to Prepare Your House for Viewings

With viewings being the biggest opportunities for the potential buyers to get a good look at your house, you will want to take every opportunity to increase your chances of selling in a short amount of time and getting the best return on your investment.

To find out what you must do to prepare your house for viewings, Calgaryhomes put together a list of essential tips to ensure your house looks great for the potential buyers who walk through the door.

1. Improve your house’s curb appeal

The interior may have the biggest potential to influence buyers’ decisions, but a well-maintained exterior is also valuable. Far too many people focus solely on the inside and forget that curb appeal is very important in the real estate business. Create a great first impression by improving a curb appeal will get you one step closer to turn a profit with your house. Here are some improvements that will make the exterior looks excellent:

– Take care of your lawn and clean lawn furniture
– Clean off all outdoor light fixtures
– Clean gutters both inside and outside
– Fix any peeling paint
– Power dirt and grime off your siding, porch, walkway, and driveway
– Add some potted plants along the walkway

2. Make important repairs

One of the biggest turn-offs for buyers is deferred maintenance. Buyers want a well-maintained house. They don’t want to wonder what needs to fixed next or how much it will cost after buying. Here a list of important repairs worth making before the viewing:

– Worn-out flooring
– The shape of chipped paint and water stains on the walls/ceilings
– Roof problems
– Faulty wiring
– Kitchen appliances
– Poor upkeep such as peeling paint, worn-out carpeting, damaged tiles, broken drawer handles, cupboard doors hanging off their hinges, and cracked pavement.

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3. Declutter, clear and clean

Space is what buyers want most, so removing lots of clutter from all rooms and rearranging furniture will make them appear larger. Consider hiring a cleaning service to help get your house cleaned thoroughly. Here are some ways to get started:

– Vacuum fully
– Clean out cupboards and wardrobes
– Remove carpet stains and make sure they’re clean and in good condition
– Remove extra furniture to make the rooms appear bigger
– Check the plumbing to see if it has any leaks
– Windows, curtains, and blinds should be clean, unbroken, secure, and operate properly
– Clean the toilet, bath, shower, sink, mirrors, and cabinets
– Replace any burnt out light bulbs
– Keep the front of the house as neat as possible

4. Make sure your house smells great

How your house smells can affect the buying decisions of the buyers the second they walk through your front door. It’s worth giving your house that extra touch of scent before every viewing.

Use scented plug-ins or essential oil diffusers for a pleasant smell. Clean garbage disposal to keep your kitchen in good scent. Flushing the drains is also a good way to get any stinky materials out of them. Open doors and windows to create airflow.

5. Light up the house

Lots of natural light make rooms feel not just brighter, but bigger and more welcoming. Make sure you pull curtains and raise blinds to bring the sunshine inside. Be sure to turn on every light to brighten up the house inside and out so buyers can see all the features.

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6. Add life to your house

Show that your house is cared for by adding vases of fresh flowers, rugs, frames, a few throw pillows or hang some art. These items can instantly lighten up a room and add a touch of hominess to your house. Remove any sort of seasonal decorative items, which can date a property during viewings.

7. Go neutral

The colours of your house can affect whether it sells or not. Bright colours on walls can be a major turn-off for potential buyers. When you’re putting your house on a market, one thing to consider is to paint over any bright colours with neutral tones such as white, grey, tan, beige, and taupe.

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