The Role of a Paediatrician in Modern Times?

Role of a Paediatrician

Paediatrics is one of the most practiced and lucrative of all medical specialties. A paediatrician earns handsome money by counselling, diagnosing, treating and performing surgeries on children. However, becoming a child paediatrician is not an easy task. A graduate doctor has to have a master degree in Paediatrics after completing his or her graduation and internship in a hospital. However, merely acquiring an MD in paediatrics does not make him or her a good child paediatrician. He should have some unique qualities that will make him a good paediatrician.

It is one of the biggest decisions which you have to take before your baby is born.  You need to figure out which paediatrician is perfect for your child. Before you start this process you need to figure out on what this doctor does in the first place. It will help you make a better choice and a well informed decision before the little one arrives. He will see your child many times before the age of 2 and the numbers are bound to reduce for child visits between the age of 2 to 5 years. It is more relating to annual check-ups at this point of time. He will be the first person to get in touch when your child falls sick.

Unique qualities of a paediatrician

A paediatrician has to treat children who are often as young as infants. Let alone the infants, even the young children cannot express their problems, afflictions and symptoms in coherent sentences. The paediatrician has to often depend on physical examination of the child, symptoms noted by the parents and gestures of the child. He has to be diplomatic and persuasive and also a good communicator to make the child feel at ease and open up before him about his problems. This calls for expertise, experience, patience, compassion, and above all a love for children.

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Organised medical records

Medical history is of extreme importance in any kind of medical intervention, but more so in case of children. The doctor must have a medical record of the child with him. As every child is unique in physiological parameters, allergies to environmental stimuli, blood group, ability to adapt to the environment and psychological parameters; medical records play a major role in diagnosing the afflictions of a child within a short time. So he must be organised with medical records of every child. All famous paediatricians lay great emphasis on proper organisation of medical records.

Emergency patients

Children don’t have the ability to bear with pain or discomfort unlike adults. So every crying child that is brought to the paediatrician is an emergency patient, and he has to treat it urgently. So, even if the doctor is feeling exhausted from long hours of work he has to attend to a crying child with smiling face, console him and get on with his treatment. Therefore, patience is a great quality for famous paediatricians.

Counselling the parents

Parents are a worried lot when their child is crying and they are not able to gauge the problem. The paediatrician must console as well counsel the parents about the problem and how they can prevent some paediatric problems.

Paediatricians with all these qualities make great and famous paediatricians whom the parents of children can depend on all occasions.

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