The Effect of VPS Hyderabad on Your Website’S Ranking on Google

The Effect of VPS Hyderabad on Your Website’S Ranking on Google

Hey! Do you have a business website on the internet and does it not appear on the first page of google? Then the reason if it might be your web hosting type and maybe It’s time that should change your hosting into VPS Hyderabad for Better ranking of your website.

There are many factors that impact your SEO and web hosting is one of them because it’s the most important thing a website wants. A good server that can give your website resources and reliability so it can not only just grow also appear on google’s first page for more business and profit.

Let’s know About VPS Hyderabad

VPS Hyderabad server is a web hosting server where it divides a Dedicated server into many virtual servers and shares it with multiple users to host their website on it.

All users have their private space and resources of that particular server. Although they need to share the space of the main server.

If you think that it’s similar to shared hosting then you are wrong. In shared hosting, you need to share everything including resources and space but with VPS Hosting Hyderabad you just share the space of the main server that’s it.

The Features of VPS Hyderabad

There are many benefits and features that a VPS Hosting Hyderabad has. that features help your website to grow and also if your website face fluctuated traffic then maybe Cheap VPS Hyderabad can be a very great option for you.

It gives you far more security than a shared server. And here is the list of all features that comes with the VPS server.

  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Privacy
  • Dedicated IP
  • Uptime guarantee
  • You can many websites on it
  • Budget-friendly
  • Give you a virtual dedicated server
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The Impact of Web Hosting Type On Your Website’s Seo

Seo means Search engine optimization, if your website’s SEO is good then your website will rank on top of SERP results.

if you think that only backlinks or on-page optimization will rank your website on top then you are wrong. there are many things your website needs for a better SEO.

The list of things you need to rank your website.

  • Better SEO
  • Core web vitals
  • HTTPS security
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Page Speed 
  • Domain URL, and Authority
  • Good Optimized Content
  • Technical SEO
  • User Experience (RankBrain) …
  • BackLinks.

How VPS Hyderabad Improves Your Website’s Seo

How Does VPS Hydrabad Improves Your Webite's Seo

VPS fulfills all the needs of a website that improves its SEO. there are many web hosting providers who have some cheap VPS plans but the Best VPS Hosting provider will give you all these give things with the VPS servers as well.

  1. Reliability and uptime:

 Uptime is one of the criteria. Search engines, understandably, do not want to lead people to a downed website. As a result, search engines like Google have crawlers scanning web pages all the time. If people discover that your website is down, they will report it, which will have an impact on your SEO.

Best VPS Hyderabad always comes with an uptime of 99.90% so it’s a reliable option and also there is no risk of server crashing as well.

  1. Website Speed

search engines prefer a page that loads quickly so that users may get information without having to wait too long. For most users these days, the loading time of the website is important. 

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Customers will not be patient for lengthy periods of time. They’ll simply move on to another location. You have control over the website speed as it runs with VPS Hosting.

Best VPS Hyderabad ensures lightning-fast website speed thanks to account isolation and dedicated resources.

  1. Https Security

Google just added a new thing to the ranking system. That is if your website doesn’t have a website with an SSL certificate then the google crawlers won’t give them priority on SERP results.

VPS servers give your website a free SSL certificate. So it does not just give your website security also helps to improve SEO.

  1. Root Access of VPS:

Sometimes you need to install other software and applications to better the performance of your website. and VPS Hyderabad gives you root access to the server. so you can install any os or apps you want to install.

  1. Dedicated IP: 

VPS Hyderabad gives your website a dedicated IP and that is a very important thing for website ranking because a dedicated IP helps you to improve the speed of your website and it’s very easy for Google crawlers to find your website with a Dedicated IP.

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Seo is very important because there are many competitors in any field of business. and if you want to be at the front of your competition then your website must have a better SEO from them.

Cheap VPS Hyderabad gives your Website everything that it requires for a good SEO and that helps your website to rank higher on any search engines’ webpage

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