The Ease Of Use Of KiwiSign’s Video Wall System

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What makes KiwiSign’s video wall system so innovative and unique? Its simplicity in design and its ease of use, that’s what! KiwiSign was founded with the intention of creating an intuitively designed large-scale display system that users of all skill levels could easily master in order to achieve the best results.

10 Reasons Why Our Video Wall Screen Is So Intuitive:

  1. Our video wall system is made to be intuitive. The images on the screen are clear and allow for easy viewing. Plus, the 3D modeling makes it easy to see what you’re dealing with when you’re trying to make a call or enter information. 2. We’ve spent a lot of time designing our product with the user in mind, and this includes how easy it is for them to interact with our video wall system. 3. The video wall system has an interface that is intuitive and interactive, which will allow users to more easily learn how to use it without any prior knowledge 4. New users can use their touchscreen device (or mouse) as well as their voice commands (available in English, Spanish, French and Chinese) in order to control their screens 5.

Our Software Is Designed With Easy-to-Use Menus:

KiwiSign is committed to designing products that are intuitive and easy to use for the end user. This includes designing both our software and hardware with the user in mind. Our software is designed with easy-to-use menus that keep the customer informed about what their system is doing at all times. The menu design also allows for quick, efficient control and access to screens from anywhere on the floor. To find out more about how we design our video walls and software, contact us!

Our Employees Are Trained To Provide Great Service:

We don’t just hire people because they have a certain skill set. We look for people who are capable, caring and fun to be around. Our employees are trained to provide great service and we want them to enjoy what they do. It is important to us that our clients get the best experience possible when dealing with us. KiwiSign knows that no system is useful if it is convoluted and not intuitive. With a device as large as a wall screen, it is important that its users can effectively operate the system. We design all of our products with the user in mind, and this includes our video wall screen.

Visitors Can Learn How To Operate The Screen Quickly:

KiwiSign has developed a video wall system to make it quick and easy for users to control the various aspects of their video wall. Visitors can learn how to operate the screen quickly by reading this post, which will give them a rundown on how to get started.
KiwiSign’s video wall system is designed for ease of use with an intuitive interface that makes it simple for anyone to take advantage of all its features. The interface takes full advantage of what is possible with touchscreens, giving users a very simple way to work through different features. KiwiSign has also included some helpful instructions in their manual and an introduction video that can be found on our website, both providing guidance about the best ways for visitors to operate the screen.

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There’s No Need To Worry About Screen Damage:

One of the most common worries people have when they buy a video wall system is whether or not it will get damaged easily. After all, screens are big and expensive, so you don’t want to put one on your wall only to find out that it will break in the first few months.
Fortunately, our products are designed with durability in mind. We use high-quality materials that will last for years and we have added features like scratch resistance to ensure that your screen stays in pristine condition. Plus, we offer a protective coating with every purchase that can help protect against scratches from everyday objects as well as keep dust off of the screen.

Full Restarting Of The Hardware Takes Only One Minute:

1) Shut down the system.

2) Unplug the power cable from the wall screen and remove it from the socket.

3) Unplug any other cables connected to it.

4) Remove any data cards.

5) Disconnect any network cables.

6) Clean the screen with a lint-free cloth or compressed air to remove dust and smudges.

7) Plug in all cables to their respective places, plug in the power cord, and turn on your system.

Our Users Are Always Safe:

KiwiSign is a video wall system for use in commercial and public spaces. We design all of our products with the user in mind, and this includes our video wall screen. Our screens are easy to use and operate, making them perfect for any place that needs to transmit information or images at a large scale. In addition to being intuitive, our screens are also safe. They do not emit any harmful light-emitting diodes (LEDs), meaning they won’t damage your eyesight or cause any other side effects. Our screens also have flicker-free technology so it won’t strain your eyes while you’re watching images on the screen.

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It Has Built-In Diagnostics Capabilities:

KiwiSign systems are designed to be intuitive and easy to operate. This is not just for the sake of the user, but it is also an important feature for business owners that have limited technical knowledge. Our video wall screens come with built-in diagnostics capability, which allows us to troubleshoot any system problems remotely in real-time. We can even send you a technician while the problem is still happening, so downtime is minimized and your production can continue uninterrupted!

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Multiple Users Can Manage Screens At Once (Screen Sharing Capability):

KiwiSign’s video wall screen offers screen-sharing capability, which means that multiple users can manage screens at once. This is accomplished through a system of designating each user as an administrator and adding them to the project. Once they are added, they can work on the project with their assigned tasks and see what other administrators are working on. Users have the ability to switch between projects and change administrative roles as needed. Plus, all the information needed for each project is available in one central location.

Taking Down Or Removing Content Is Quick And Simple:

KiwiSign understands that at times you might want to remove content from your video wall. We understand that sometimes this is because it is outdated or irrelevant, or just because you don’t like what you have up. Whatever the reason, removing content is quick and simple with our system. All you need to do is select the content you want to remove and click Remove. This will then prompt a confirmation box where clicking OK will delete the selected content from your video wall screen.

Managers Can Keep Track Of Who Edited What On Each Screen:

A key component to the design of our video wall system is that managers can keep track of who edited what on each screen. This is accomplished by using a permissions system. When a manager shares their screen, they are given a limited set of permissions by default. Within this limited set, they can manage the editing rights for each monitor in their layout.

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