The 15 Best Archon Quests In Genshin Impact


Some of the best story-driven content in Genshin Impact are the archon quests. We look at the best ones.

We wouldn’t know much about why Teyvat’s countries are set up the way they are without the Archon Quests in Genshin Impact. There are people and things that give hints about the world’s history, but they don’t go as far as the Archon Quest. Adding something new to Genshin Impact‘s main questline, the Archon Questline, is always exciting because it takes a long time for the writers to make them.

Since patch 1.0, a lot has changed, and there’s more for both new and old players to learn. The Archon Questline is one of these. It gets better as you move through the country. There are 16 stories that stand out because they have important and long parts.

Venti’s New Plan

Genshin Impact Venti with the Holy Lyre der Himmel in the Favonius Cathedral
  • Number – Prologue: Act II
  • Archon Quest – For A Tomorrow Without Tears

Genshin Impact doesn’t have a lot of sneaking that you have to do most of the time. This is why quests like “Venti’s New Plan” are so welcome. It actually added sneaking elements to the game. To steal the bard’s lyre, you have to sneak into the Mondstadt Cathedral. At first, it’s hard to use, but it’s a nice change from the norm.

There’s a good chance you’ll never forget why you had to steal Venti’s lyre from his own Cathedral, no matter how many stories you read. Venti tried to tell one of the sisters that he was a god so that he could borrow the lyre, but she told him to leave the church right away. The people of Mondstadt don’t seem to know what the Anemo Archon really looks like.

Rite of Descension

Ningguang in front of Morax' body during the Rite of Descension in Genshin Impact
  • Number – Chapter I: Act I
  • Archon Quest – Of the Land Amidst Monoliths

Rite of Descension is the first thing you have to do when you get to Liyue. Venti tells you to find either Rex Lapis or the Geo Archon. It was meant to be easy, but then the god dies in the form of a dragon. That was a surprise turn right at the beginning of the Liyue quest chain, and it was very different from the normal fairy story.

The secret quest that comes after the strange event in the story is also a good addition to it. The fact that the Traveler is instantly blamed for killing Rex Lapis doesn’t help. You’ve only just arrived.

Ending Note

Signora confronting Venti about his gnosis outside of the Favonius Cathedral in Genshin Impact
  • Number – Prologue: Act III
  • Archon Quest – Song Of The Dragon And Freedom

You can only do Ending Note after you have killed Stormterror Dvalin, which is the last main quest in the Mondstadt area. The parties were well under way, and everyone was having a good time until the Fatui showed up.

The person who did it was Signora, who was the eighth Fatui Harbinger. She easily took Venti’s Gnosis, which made him almost useless as an Archon. A lot of us were shocked because we thought Venti was going to die. Plus, what they said to each other was both angry and funny.

The Fond Farewell

Zhongli surrendering his gnosis to the Fatui in Genshin Impact
  • Number – Chapter I: Act III
  • Archon Quest – A New Star Approaches

Signora was also after Rex Lapis, since she was already going after Gnosis all over the place.He was willing to give up his godhood symbol, though, which was lucky for her. His name is now Zhongli. He would have won if he had fought both Signora and Childe for his Gnosis.

In any case, this changes how we see both Signora and the Fatui. She seemed like the bad guy at the end of the Mondstadt Archon questline, but in this Liyue quest conclusion, she’s just a sign of bigger, less clear things to come. It’s a pretty big surprise.

The Floating Palace

The Jade Chamber from Genshin Impact
  • Number – Chapter I: Act III
  • Archon Quest – A New Star Approaches

An ideal and clean bird’s-eye view of the places in Genshin Impact doesn’t come along very often. Mt. Tianheng is another great place to see this view, and The Floating Palace quest gives you even more reason to go up.

The quest is all about getting into Ningguang’s Jade Chamber, which is a castle that floats in the air. The place is beautiful, and getting there includes a lot of quest-related tasks and some story dumps that fans of stories will love.

Dishonorable Trial

  • Number – Chapter I: Act IV
  • Archon Quest – We Will Be Reunited
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Act IV is one of the new Archon Quests that was added to the game, and it finally moves the Traveler brothers’ story forward. In addition, it brings back a character that has been in previous games and adds a new enemy called the Abyss Herald.

Besides those two, the boss character Boreas is also involved and is put in a more dangerous situation. He was captured by the Abyss Heralds, and this time you need to save him instead of killing him to get items to improve your skills.

Heart Of Glaze

Entering The Golden House before fighting Childe from Genshin Impact
  • Number – Chapter I: Act III
  • Archon Quest – A New Star Approaches

Genshin Impact is an anime game, so it has to have some anime tropes. For example, there is that one strange close friend who will turn you in the end. In Liyue’s story, that friend was Childe Tartaglia. In the Heart of Glaze quest, you have to fight him.

He finally turned out to be a crazy power player who wants to challenge Rex Lapis to a fight by setting up a trap with the god’s old enemies and putting everyone in Liyue in danger. As the Traveler, you face him with tears in your eyes and a growling anger in your hand as you hold that dull blade.

A Long Shot

Stormterror Dvalin growling at Venti and Jean from Genshin Impact
  • Number – Prologue: Act III
  • Archon Quest – Song Of The Dragon And Freedom

Childe’s boss fight as part of a quest is exciting, but it’s not as big as going up against a dragon in its own home world. The quest A Long Shot is one of the most exciting ones in Space Bar Clicker because you have to fight Stormterror Dvalin.

There are two parts to the fight, and both are exciting. In the first part, you dance with Dvalin in the sky during a made-up battle. The second is the normal fight with him in his den, which can be played again anywhere in the world every week as a dare.

Turning Point

  • Number – Chapter I: Act III
  • Archon Quest – A New Star Approaches

The bad guys that Rex Lapis used to fight, like Osial, are more legendary in size than Dvalin. So, several Adepti and Vision-users in Liyue will need to work together to fight this Archon-level creature, with your help as the Traveler, of course.

The Turning Point quest is still the most famous fight in Genshin Impact, that much is clear. Like in the fight with Dvalin, the stakes were very high, and you couldn’t have done it by yourself. Even Ningguang had to give up the work she had done her whole life (the Jade Chamber) to lock Osial up. The fight as a whole was amazing.

A Soul Set Apart

Abyss Aether from Genshin Impact
  • Number – Chapter I: Act IV
  • Archon Quest – We Will Be Reunited

When it comes to even more betrayals like in anime, A Soul Set Apart takes the cake because it officially makes your in-game twin a bad guy. That’s one of the biggest twists in the game, and the reveal was just as exciting as always.

The quest had the right amount of difficulty, involvement, and background information to keep you interested. It most likely would have been good even if it was just a cutscene where your twin (Aether/Lumine) left you for the Abyss. It’s just like Naruto vs. Sasuke.

The Omnipresent God

Kazuha parrying the Raiden Shogun in the Archon Quest from Genshin Impact
  • Number – Chapter II: Act III
  • Archon Quest – Omnipresence Over Mortals

This is the most shocking moment in Genshin Impact. When they fought in front of the throne, the Traveler beat La Signora and turned her into a pile of ashes. The Raiden Shogun first let the Traveler leave Tenshukaku living, but then she changed her mind for a short time. She chose that exceptions are bad for forever, so the Traveler will have the same end as Signora.

While the Raiden Shogun was about to turn the visitor into chopped meat, Kazuha stepped in and saved the day. The Musou No Hitotachi was blocked by Kazuha for the first time in Teyvat’s history. She did this with not one but two dreams. In short, a lot of shocking things happened in this part of the Archon Quest. You will never forget the person who tried to face the lightning’s glow.

The End of the Subzeruz Festival

Genshin Impact Nahida Closeup Burst Animation Praying
  • Number – Chapter III: Act II
  • Archon Quest – The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings
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How many dreams does one person need before they wake up? It could be when your life force is slowly fading and you remember things you shouldn’t remember. It was shown in this part of Archon Quest that the Sumeru Akademiya’s main goal is to learn, even if that means testing its own people.

What’s even stranger is how the Sumeru Akademiya treated Lesser Lord Kusanali (Nahida), who is now the God of Dendro. People often compared her to the god who came before her, and the Akademiya looked down on her because she was younger and didn’t know as much. Before, you were used to seeing other countries honor gods even if they did bad things, so nothing could have prepared you for how mean the Akademiya were to their own archon.

Jnagarbha Day

Genshin Impact Nahida The Balladeer Boss Drop
  • Number – Chapter III: Act V
  • Archon Quest – Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises

It takes a whole country to make and break down a false god. The most exciting part of Sumeru’s Archon Quest was when it came out that the Akademiya and two Fatui Harbingers, Scaramouche and Il Dottore, worked together to make a fake god to replace Lesser Lord Kusanali. Alhaitham came up with a way to free Lesser Lord Kusanali from the Akademiya’s control.

Instead of the exciting boss fight with Scaramouche, the video by Alhaitham that won a Grammy is probably what you remember most about this Archon Quest episode. He tricked Grand Sage Azar by eating canned information that wasn’t real. As a “feeble scholar” who said he was, Alhaitham was able to overthrow Sumeru’s corrupt government and its Scribes, work on the Fatui’s plans, and save the Dendro Archon with the Traveler and the Sumeru cast.

Lies Cast Shadows Under Gathered Lights

Lyney on stage in the Opera Epiclese during the Archon Quest from Genshin Impact
  • Number – Chapter IV: Act I
  • Archon Quest – Prelude of Blancheur and Noirceur

Fontaine’s story is very much like a play. When you get to the port, Furina, the Hydro Archon, greets you right away. She made up a silly reason to put the Traveler on trial in the Opera Epiclese. Luckily, Lyney saved the Traveler by giving him and his twin sister Lynette a ticket to his magic show. Along the way, you’ve seen new people and run into old friends.

But trouble always seems to find a way to the Traveler, and Lyney’s magic show quickly turned into a creepy murder mystery. It took the Traveler, Paimon’s detective work, and Navia’s smarts to solve not one but two murder cases at the same time.

When All Returns to the Water

Navia confronting Neuvillette about her father's trial in Genshin Impact
  • Number – Chapter IV: Act II
  • Archon Quest – As the Rain Falls Without Reason

Lyney and Lynette were found not guilty, but their past was more complicated than thought. But not all riddles have been solved. For example, the Serial Disappearances of Young Women Case in Fontaine from 20 years ago is still open. The Traveler and Navia go on another search for the criminal who used water from the Primordial Sea to kill Fontaine’s women. The person responsible was also thought to be the person who killed Navia’s father.

While the Traveler was looking for signs, Childe was thought to be the one who planned the whole thing. Navia spoke up to protect Childe and said that her uncle Marcel was responsible for the case. The trial results and the Oratrice Mecanique d’Analyse Cardinale’s decision are shocking.

The Opera of Noirceur and Blancheur

Genshin Impact Furina Bowing During Her Last Dance
  • Number – Chapter IV: Act V
  • Archon Quest – Masquerade Of The Guilty

You went through a huge number of trials, and the Oratrice Mecanique d’Analyse Cardinale made a huge number of decisions. But no one saw Fontaine’s Archon Quest ending the way they did. Furina, the Hydro Archon, is given the death sentence, but Neuvillette and Traveler are pulled into a different world just as she is about to be put to death.

This is where you learn that the Archon Focalors has been hiding for 500 years inside the Oractrice, with her human equivalent, Furina, being a helper. All of this was done with one goal in mind: to trick the world and the Heavenly Principles into believing something they weren’t, and then use their power to kill the Hydro Archon. When Genshin Impact ends, you see an Archon die for the first time and a Primordial Dragon get its power back for the first time.

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