Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Enchanted

Taylor Swift Perfume

If you like the music of Taylor Swift Perfume, you’ll probably want to own her scented perfume. The Wonderstruck collection was a hit, but Swift has discontinued the line, but Taylor by Taylor Swift Eau de Parfum is available. Swift has said that scents trigger memories and make you feel happy, and she does use scent to achieve that. Here are some fragrances you might like:

Inspired by the lyrics to her song of the same name, Wonderstruck is a fruity floral fragrance that is reminiscent of sweet vanilla and sundrenched honeysuckle. A touch of sweet indulgence is added to the scent with a hint of vanilla, hibiscus, sandalwood, and peach. Wonderstruck is available in 50-ml and 100-ml bottles, and there are even body lotions and bath products to complete your look.

As the fragrance is inspired by the singer’s personal life, Wonderstruck Enchanted is one of the most popular scents of the moment. The ethereal fragrance evokes a feeling of deep love and is a delicate yet irresistible blend of sugar-glazed petals and wild berries. Designed to enliven and enchant, Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume is perfect for romantics, teenagers, and anyone looking for a heavenly scent that will sway the men in your life.

Taylor by Taylor Swift

The new Taylor by T. Swift Fragrance Canada is an elegant and feminine fragrance that begins with magnolia petals, tangerine, and litchi. The perfume then transitions into a floral heart of peony, orchid, and hortensia. Apricot and woody notes add a touch of earthiness at the base. This fragrance is perfect for both work and everyday wear. There are two versions of the scent, each with its own unique characteristics.

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The Incredible Things Eau de Parfum has a vibrant opening paired with vanilla orchid and passionflower, vetiver, and musk. The Taylor by T. Swift perfume also has a delicious vanilla orchid note that makes it unforgettable. If you prefer something a little less girly, consider the Wonderstruck fragrance, which is similar to Taylor by T. Swift but contains more fruit notes. The scent is also available in a masculine version titled “Impulse.”

Taylor by Taylor Swift – Made of Starlight

The latest addition to Taylor Swift’s fragrance line is Made of Starlight, released in 2014. The sparkling scent will have you feeling like a pop music star with notes of apricot, peach, passion fruit, and orange blossom. The bottle features an attractive red design and a music box that plays when opened. The fragrance is 3.4 oz. in size and is available in both a perfume spray and a body lotion.

The name of the new fragrance is inspired by a line from Swift’s “Starlight” song. The song lyric reads, “Like we’re made of starlight.,” which is why Made of Starlight gets its name. The fragrance was originally sold in a musical box, but was later sold in a regular perfume bottle. It is a fresh blend of soft wood notes, delicate florals, and fresh fruit.

Taylor by Taylor Swift – Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

The infamously sweet and fruity flowery fragrance from the Dutch fashion house, Viktor & Rolf, is the signature scent of singer Taylor Swift. It features top notes of tea, middle notes of orchid and jasmine, and base notes of musk. In other words, it is a great everyday scent for women. You may have already noticed it on Taylor.

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Taylor Swift is known for wearing a wide range of perfumes, ranging from her own self-titled scent to Tom Ford Santal Blush and Escada’s Moon Sparkle. Her fragrances represent the many facets of her personality, including her girl next door looks and fierce attitude. So, she needs a scent that shows off all of her varied facets. Here are some of her favorites.

Taylor by Taylor Swift – Incredible Things

The iconic pop singer created her fourth celebrity perfume, “Taylor by Taylor Swift – Incredible Things,” in partnership with Elizabeth Arden. The perfume has a sweet floral scent with notes of apricot, grapefruit and passion fruit. The perfume is available in an 3.4 oz. bottle with a gold cap and lyrics that reference the album’s title. In addition to its name, the perfume is available at Target and Kohl’s.

The packaging for this Taylor by the artist’s incredible perfume is beautiful and unique. It comes in a diamond-shaped bottle with swirls on its lid. The perfume’s advertisement features the song “Starlight” and shows Swift outside dancing with friends. The bottle also features a gold-metal cap with the number thirteen embossed in it. In addition to being an elegant perfume, the bottle also boasts a romantic silhouette of Swift.

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