Selin Sakaran- Weight Management Is Important For Protecting Feet and Ankle Health

Selin Sakaran

Little do people know that the feet and the ankles of the human body are equally crucial for a healthy and active life. These parts of the body carry your weight for almost the whole day; however, most people ignore their health and invite injuries to their feet. Overweight and obese people cause injuries to their feet due to their excess weight as these body parts face a lot of stress when they walk or even move from one room to another.

Selin Sakaran- The arch of the feet is important

Selin Sakaran is an eminent podiatric physician, medical resident, and surgeon from New Haven in Connecticut, USA. According to her, if you are overweight, the pressure on your feet causes inflammation, making walking painful. There is a part of your feet called the plantar fascia, and its health can be impacted by excess body weight, especially in the morning. If you carry excess body weight, the arch of the feet suffers, so it is essential for you to ensure that the angle is maintained as it withstands the whole force from your body while you move from one place to another. 

Fallen arches are familiar if you are obese and overweight. Your feet naturally support your weight. If you are overweight and obese, your feet will swell and increase in size. The ankles of the feet also swell up, and this leads to a lot of pain. You will also have problems walking as the tissues and the skin cells surrounding your ankle will become inflamed. Pressure on the ankle also makes it painful for you to wear any shoe. Moreover, the deposits of fat that cover the ankle will make the structure of the feet weak. If you are overweight and facing pain in the feet or ankles, it is high time for you to lose some pounds, or else you will land up causing some severe injuries to your feet. 

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Women have the habit of wearing high heels for long periods, and most of the time, they land up with swollen feet. She recommends women wear comfortable shoes like flats or sneakers if they are working during the day instead of wearing heels. They can be limited to special occasions, for instance, when you dress up for a date or dinner with your loved ones. 

Reduce the risks of diabetes and gout issues in your feet and ankles

In the opinion of Selin Sakaran excessive weight will also lead to gout in the ankles and other severe complications if you do not address it on time. This condition takes place when crystals of uric acid accumulate in the feet, making it very painful for you to walk or lead an active lifestyle. Excessive weight will also lead to another condition called diabetes feet due to reduced flow of blood to the legs and the feet. Nerve compression takes place in the region, and complications affect the quality of your life.

If you face any problems with your ankles or your feet, it is essential to consult a doctor immediately for a check-up. Pay attention to issues in these areas because if you do, they might lead up to something severe.