Rise and Shine: Exploring the Best Breakfasts in Liverpool


With more and more specialty breakfast and brunch spots popping up across Liverpool, deciding where to go to start your day off right can be an overwhelming decision. From hearty traditional English breakfasts overflowing with eggs, sausage, beans, and toast to colorful, nutritious açaí bowls topped with fresh fruit and superfoods, the best breakfasts in Liverpool run the gamut.

Traditional English Breakfasts

The Tavern Company

If you’re looking for a no-frills, hearty traditional English breakfast Liverpool, head to The Tavern Company. Their classic breakfast includes all the hits – eggs, bacon, sausages, black pudding, baked beans, grilled tomato, mushrooms, and toast or fried bread. It’s affordably priced and served in generous portions that will keep you full all morning long. Their breakfasts have been called “the best hangover cure in town”.

Egg Café

They pride themselves on serving top-notch ingredients from local suppliers like award-winning sausage from J.E. Poulters Butchers. Expect to find all the classics done exceptionally well, from fluffy eggs to perfect hashbrowns. The cozy atmosphere and friendly service make it a great spot to linger over your morning meal.

Trendy Avocado Toast Places

Avocado Social

For a modern, millennial-friendly take on breakfast, head to the aptly named Avocado Social. As you may have guessed, avocado toast is their specialty, and they offer trendy twists like avocado toast topped with everything from poached eggs to feta and chili flakes to smoked salmon. Their “Our Special” option with two poached eggs, feta, and salsa verde comes highly recommended. And nearly everything on their menu can be made vegan.

The Brink

This airy, plant-filled café serves avocado toast topped with mix-ins like ginger roasted chickpeas, halloumi, or their signature nut and seed sprinkle. Or opt for one of their delicious breakfast bowls featuring smoothies layered with chia pudding, yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit.

Best Under the Radar Options

Not all breakfast stars crave the limelight. Sometimes the most exceptional morning meals lurk in unexpected places. Check out these unlikely gems:

Amoré Salumeria

Who would expect sensational Italian antipasti for brekkie?! But trust me, this little Italian grocery/eatery hybrid on Speed Street serves up an incredible frittata loaded with pancetta, taleggio and caramelised onion that will knock your socks off! All the charm of a backstreet Roman trattoria.

Liverpool Sports Club

You might not expect haute cuisine from a bowling club. But hidden behind the pokies, this humble club on Bigge Street plates up great value brekkies for members and guests. Their sweetcorn fritters with bacon, avocado and sour cream are insanely good.

Liverpool Meats

At the local butcher shop?! Yep – swing by this beloved local institution on Woodward Street early on Saturdays and they’ll sort you out an unbelievable breakfast pack featuring their acclaimed sausages, smoked bacon, spicy chorisos and more. Next level.

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Cake for Breakfast? Sweet Spots with Decadent Morning Treats

If you share my belief that cake is absolutely an appropriate breakfast food group, then these sugar-fuelled morning gems need to be on your Liverpool bucket list:

Miss Betty’s Cakes

At this pint-sized palace of pink along Moore Street, everyday feels like your birthday! Dive into rainbow swirl layered cakes, towering croquembouche, jewel-hued macarons and more for a Technicolor sugar hit first thing.

Lucas’ Sweet Secrets

Another tooth-achingly sweet spot is this pretty little patisserie tucked down Lancaster Street, run by Liverpool’s star pastry chef. Buttery fresh croissants, millefeuilles bursting with custard, eclairs, fruit tarts – what morning bliss!

La Cupcake

For cupcake connoisseurs, swing by this cute little cake studio on Woodward Street, with a rainbow spectrum of freshly baked mini cakes, rich buttercream frostings and quirky flavors like lemon meringue, cookies and cream or red velvet. An instant sugar rush!

Starring the Humble Bacon & Egg Roll

No guide to Liverpool’s breakfast scene would be complete without shouting out the humble BEC (bacon & egg roll) – an Australian brekkie icon! It might sound simple, but believe me, these local legends have perfected the art:

Liverpool Takeaway

This little hole-in-the-wall counter joint along Speed Street serves up what are, in my opinion, Liverpool’s finest BECs – pillowy Turkish bread crammed with smoky bacon, fried egg and the essential tomato/BBQ sauce. Perfection.

Robb’s Place

I mentioned Robb’s earlier for their homemade beans – but their BECs also deserve high praise. Crunchy fresh rolls filled with thick rasher bacon, fresh eggs and a generous dollop of their legendary roast tomato chutney. Bacon butty heaven!

Best Breakfast Sandwiches

Funky Flapjacks

This cute spot specializes in gourmet breakfast sandwiches starring fluffy pancakes and French toast in place of bread. Fillings range from fried chicken to bacon and brisket to Nutella and banana. Their Montreal smoked brisket sandwich with fried egg, cheese curds, and hot sauce is a true standout.

Bread Meats Bread

For drool-worthy, overstuffed breakfast sandwiches on freshly baked bread, Bread Meats Bread is a must-try. Customize your own combo or opt for one of their creative signature sandwiches like the “Hen Solo” with breaded chicken thigh, maple bacon, smash brown potatoes, and chipotle mayo. Every sandwich is pressed hot and melty to perfection.

Top Spot for Pancakes/Crepes

Root Down Café

If sweet and fluffy pancakes are what your heart desires, make your way to Root Down Café in the heart of downtown Liverpool. Their pancakes are renowned as some of the best around, winning over locals with their perfect fluffiness and just the right amount of sweetness. Plus, they offer fun mix-in options like Oreos, peanut butter cups, or Nutella.

Best Diners for Huge Portions

City Diner

Other specialties include epic plates of French toast, giant breakfast wraps stuffed with sausage and eggs, and loaded hash brown bowls.

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Aunty Helen’s

This cozy neighborhood joint plates up hearty combo breakfasts with fluffy eggs, thick-cut bacon, sausage, beans and toast that will fill you up without inducing a food coma. Locals love this place for the chill atmosphere and scrumptious comfort food.

Most Instagrammable Breakfast Spots

Brunch Club Liverpool

One of the most Instagram-popular breakfast and brunch spots in Liverpool is Brunch Club. This colorful, plant-filled space offers an artsy atmosphere and beautifully plated dishes just begging to be photographed. Some standouts include their pink beetroot stack pancakes, golden waffles topped with berry compote and edible flowers, and their famous unicorn hot chocolate complete with a unicorn marshmallow.

92 Degrees Coffee

For a more minimalist take on an Instagram-worthy breakfast, head to 92 Degrees Coffee. This trendy spot plates up gorgeous breakfasts like golden waffles with berries and whipped cream, avocado toast topped with a perfect poached egg, and vivid smoothie bowls bursting with toppings.

Unique Breakfast Bowls

Bold Street Coffee

If you like starting your day with something flavorful yet healthy, Bold Street Coffee offers a menu full of wholesome, plant-based breakfast bowls. Highlights include their Tropicana bowl featuring pineapple, mango, coconut yogurt, and crunchy granola and their Buddha bowl packed with turmeric roasted chickpeas, avocado, kale, and pickled red onions over quinoa.

Great Value Breakfast Specials

Moose Coffee


This charming Italian restaurant and café offers hearty £4.95 breakfast specials starring options like fluffy pancakes with fresh fruit, eggs florentine on an English muffin, and classic bacon and eggs. Add in excellent coffee and friendly service in a cute setting, and you’ve got one of the best budget breakfasts in town.


Liverpool’s food scene erupts with mouthwatering breakfast and brunch options to suit just about any preference, from hearty fry-ups to healthy smoothie bowls and everything in between. Trendy spots focused on avocado toast, over-the-top breakfast sandwiches, and colorful smoothies bring global inspiration to the table.


Where is the best breakfast in Liverpool NSW?

What time does breakfast finish in Liverpool?

Many spots like Bill & Toni’s Diner, The Early Bird Cafe, and Cafe on the Corner serve breakfast all day!

Is breakfast expensive in Liverpool?

You can find a good feed for under $10 at unfancy gems like Robb’s Place, Liverpool Takeaway, or the Liverpool Sports Club. Mid-range cafes average $15-25 for meals. Top-end spots like Layers Cafe could stretch towards $30 per person.

What is there to do after breakfast in Liverpool?

Walk off those calories along the Liverpool riverfront, shop for fresh produce at the Hawkesbury Harvest Farmers & Fine Food Market (Sundays) or visit the Australian War Memorial on Memorial Avenue.

What is Liverpool known for food-wise?

Thai and Vietnamese food! Multicultural foodie heaven!

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