Ranking 15 Best Destruction Spells In Skyrim


In Skyrim, destruction skills are great for killing strong enemies. You should know these.

A common thing for witches to do in RPGs is to throw fireballs and magic weapons. It’s possible that the elemental mage form is one of the most fun to play as, but in previous Elder Scrolls games, magic-only gameplay wasn’t very interesting.

Thank goodness this isn’t as big of a deal in Skyrim. There is no magic creation in this game, but the spells that are there are strong and fun in their own ways. You can kill enemies with fireballs, lines of chain lightning, and blizzards that you call with destruction magic. These are Skyrim’s ten best Destruction spells.


Players who have the Dragonborn DLC are the only ones who can use this power. This is a standard spell that slows down enemies by using the advantage of the frost element. When used up close, this attack can be very powerful, especially if the player’s partner is a high-damage tank.

When you use Freeze, an ice spike appears and does about 20 points of damage to your Health and Stamina. The enemy also moves much more slowly for 15 seconds, which makes it easy to take them down.

Icy Spear

When the player hits Expert level in Destruction magic, they can learn the Icy Spear spell, which is in the Frost spell group. It is a lot like the Freeze spell. You need a lot more magicka to cast this spell than Freeze, but the effects are worth it.

An enemy’s Health and Stamina both take about 60 points of damage from the Icy Spear. When fighting people who depend on their Stamina to do heavy damage, this move is especially useful.

Wall Of Flames

When there are a lot of enemies in a room, mage characters can save themselves with spells that affect a large area. The player will be able to use the great area rejection power Wall of Flames when they reach the Expert level of Destruction.

The Wall of Flames needs to be cast on the floor, where it fills the area with flames. About 50 damage is done every second by the wall, which is a lot of damage for enemies that like to rush at the player and play close.


Incinerate is a standard fire spell that any enemy must be able to avoid. It’s what any fire master who specializes in destruction magic does every day. Players can learn it at the Expert level, which makes it a pretty hard spell to get.

Also, Incinerate is a strong fire blast that does around 60 damage. When an enemy is hit by fire, they will keep burning and taking damage over time, as all fire elements do.

Wall Of Frost

This spell is like the Wall of Fire spell, but it focuses on the frost element instead. To say it again, these kinds of spells are essential for everyone because they can block a certain area. They are especially strong against threats that are grouped together.

A wall of frost is also cast on the ground, making an area of frost. If an enemy is caught in the area, they will take 50 points of frost damage every second. This damage hurts their health and energy.

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Flame Cloak

It’s fun to use your hands to cast spells, but it’s not fun at all to use your body as a weapon.

Flame Cloak turns you into a ball of fire that does 8 points of fire damage per second to all foes nearby. You deal extra fire damage with your melee hits as well, which is great for battlemage or gish builds. With this and flesh-based Alteration skills or good armor, you can protect yourself and give damage to any enemy in the game.


The power Ignite does a lot of damage. For 15 seconds, it does 4 points of fire damage to the target every second. When the Destruction perk is added to this spell, it becomes very strong.

Normal Destruction perks will make this stronger, but the Aspect of Terror Illusion perks will also make this spell more deadly, giving Ignite the chance to do 21 damage every second for 15 seconds. Ignite is one of the strongest flame skills you can use in Skyrim, even though it’s only an apprentice level spell.

Ice Storm

Ice Storm is a frost version of Fireball that is a bit different. So Ice Storm mostly does damage in an area that is always moving and gets bigger as it goes.

For a spell at the expert level, 40 points of frost damage to health and energy per second is a lot. But what makes Ice Storm so strong is that it can slow down targets that get stuck in its storm. This means that those targets stay in its path longer and take more damage. It can’t go as far as Fireball, but near the end of the spell, it has a huge range that makes it easy to kill groups of enemies.

Wall of Storms

There are times when you only need a way to stop the enemy. Destruction spells that work on walls are great at doing that, but Wall of Storms is just a bit better than the other two.

When an enemy is on the shocked ground, Wall of Storms does 50 damage every second. It looks cool, and the shock damage it does is great because, unlike frost damage, few monsters in Skyrim are immune to shock damage. By spraying it on the ground, you can kill fast enemies, or you can cover entryways with it to stop enemies from getting in or out.


There aren’t many things that can kill something as quickly as Fireball. This AoE ball of death can set foes on fire and does 40 points of fire damage in a 15-foot radius.

They can be hit with Fireball again and take even more damage when they are on fire. Fireball, on the other hand, is a simple weapon that can go a very long way before it disappears. This makes it a great choice everywhere in Skyrim. When different Destruction spells are used, Fireball is one of the best ways to kill someone in Drift Boss for the least amount of money.


This is the most powerful spell for Destruction users who use frost. It’s kind of like a Frost Cloak in that it creates a huge Blizzard where the caster is for a set amount of time in a huge area.

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That bug on my PC would keep this magic from being in the top three. If a PC player gears up for frost or magic resistance, that % will lower the damage Blizzard does. This means that players whose frost and magic resistance numbers are capped will do almost no harm with Blizzard. The good news is that you can do more damage than usual by installing unapproved fixes or using potions to deal more damage than usual.

Chain Lightning

Shoot people from behind and kill them with no other spell. One of the coolest lightning spells in Skyrim is Chain Lightning, which lets players kill groups of monsters at once.

The name of Chain Lightning makes it stand out. When you shoot light, it can hit close enemies and cause a chain reaction. The best part is that the first hit doesn’t have to be near an enemy; you can cast it behind enemy cover and still hit them. When you get the right improvements for this weapon, it’s very powerful.


Skyrim Mage Casting Fireball Spell

The standard spell for destroying things. You can use flames to make your hand into a flamethrower. Each enemy you hit will take eight points of flame damage every second.

This is a simple spell, so it doesn’t cost much to cast. Plus, this spell lets you channel magic, so you can cast Flames for as long as you hold down the input and have magicka. When you cast two spells at once, the flame gets bigger and stronger, doing even more damage to an enemy that is already on fire.

Lightning Storm

Lightning Storm is like Flames, but you can’t move and you need to use both hands. If an enemy is hit by its huge beam of electricity, they will take 75 shock damage every second.

This spell does a lot of damage and also lowers the Magicka of enemies by half of the main damage. This makes it a great choice for fighting wizards. Better yet, this power can break down enemies when it kills them, even if they have perks. The most fun spell in Skyrim is this one, but it’s not as easy to use or cover large areas as a master level spell should be.

Fire Storm

There’s not a better way to get everything on your screen to die right away than to use Fire Storm. This fire power at the master level does 100 damage all around the person who casts it.

To fully charge this power, you need five seconds. It kills almost everything in the game when used. Due to its huge size, it can still hit targets far away, and those that are close will likely be burned to death from the extra damage. When this is called, Intense Flames can also be used to make targets run away. Even though it’s a bit hard to use, charging it is worth it in a huge way. In the Destruction school of magic, Fire Storm is the best way to kill enemies.

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