Ranking 10 Best Weapons In The Ascent


When it comes to attacking weapons, Neon Giant didn’t hold back. These are the best guns in The Ascent that players should think about using.

In The Ascent, the player really does have a lot of options when it comes to weapons. You can choose from five different types of weapons and more than thirty different guns that you can use to release the Indent’s power. Choosing a single weapon depends on a lot of things, such as the player’s character, their personal taste, and the result they want to achieve. Some people may want to focus on a single useful tool, while others may want something that can be used for many things.

I’m afraid there aren’t enough upgrade pieces in the game to fully level up all of the guns by the end. Even if you get every prize on every map, you still only have enough pieces for two at most. And because there are only so many weapon slots, picking the right gun is very important. The following items are the best ones that should be added to the player’s loadout in The Ascent.

ES4 Eraser

The Ascent Firing The ES4 Eraser Into A Group Of Enemies
Damage Per Second828
Damage TypeEnergy
Rounds Per Second3
Clip Size8
Reload Time3.2 seconds

When your enemies get too strong, shotguns are a great backup tool. A switch to something that gets rid of them is useful for almost every build. The ES4 Eraser is without a doubt the best shotgun. It does about twice as much damage as the next best gun.

It also does that sought-after energy damage that makes it easy to defeat tough robots. Because it can do so many things, this shotgun is a smart and safe choice. In the right circumstances, it makes this feel like one of the best PS5 dungeon crawlers.


The Ascent Setting Enemies Ablaze With The Magmamaker
Damage Per Second506
Damage TypeFire
Rounds Per Second5
Clip Size5
Reload Time2 seconds

The Magmamaker is a very amazing sight to see. The flamethrower can hit a big area, which is great for fighting groups of monsters in one of the best top-down RPGs on the PS5.

In addition to setting enemies on fire and doing a lot of damage right away, this flamethrower melts almost anyone who gets close. It’s possible that the damage on both fronts was done on purpose to make up for the slowness that comes with big weapons. If that’s the case, the extra loss is pretty bad.

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The Ascent Landing Repeating Rockets From The Astrosmasher
Damage Per Second280
Damage TypeBallistic
Rounds Per Second6
Clip Size30
Reload Time4 seconds

There is a love/hate connection between players and The Ascent, and the Astrosmasher perfectly shows this. People don’t like how big guns slow down the Indent, but they can’t argue with how much damage they do.

The damage may not seem very high based on the numbers, but the weapon does not behave in the way the numbers suggest. As you hold down the button, it shoots rockets faster and faster. By the end, the damage is really off the charts. It’s easy to feel spoiled when your rocket weapon has a booster built in. Action RPG fans love this game.

BC7 Disintegrator

The Ascent Zapping A Target With The BC7 Disintegrator
Damage Per Second850
Damage TypeEnergy
Rounds Per Second12
Clip Size100
Reload Time1 second

By raw numbers, this does the second most damage in the game right now. The first is coming up later. Remember that this damage is energy, which means that mechanical units will be falling like flies. Their peers won’t do much better either.

Since it’s a minigun, it is heavy and takes a long time to carry around. However, enemies are dying so quickly that it’s not often that you’ll need to quickly run for cover.


The Ascent Blowing Up An Enemy With The Besieger
Damage Per Second517
Damage TypeBallistic
Rounds Per Second2
Clip Size30
Reload Time4 seconds

The game’s too many weapons make it hard for players to move around. A minigun or flamethrower that slows you down will often kill you in fight. Great top-down RPGs on Steam can’t handle that; being able to move around is important.

The base RPG23 Launcher is already pretty great, but the Besieger makes it even better. The Indent will still be able to move around pretty well after taking damage from an area of effect.

EBR Enforcer

The Ascent Firing Homing Bursts From The EBR Enforcer
Damage Per Second523
Damage TypeEnergy
Rounds Per Second14.1
Clip Size45
Reload Time0.6 seconds

Machine guns are the main weapon type in The Ascent. They let players move around freely and quickly empty their magazines during enemy attacks. Most of these machine guns act like copies, but the EBR Enforcer is a nice change of pace. For one of the best independent RPGs on Xbox, this is the kind of creativity you’d expect.

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Also, this gun shoots three-round bursts of tracking damage that destroy machine enemies. In this style of shooting, you have to both aim well and fire a lot of shots quickly. Still not enough? It does the second most damage of any machine gun in the game.

The Dealbreaker

The Ascent Mowing Down Enemies In A Line With The Dealbreaker
Damage Per Second1,119
Damage TypeBallistic
Rounds Per Second8
Clip Size200
Reload Time4 seconds

It is true that the Dealbreaker does more damage per second than any other weapon. Without any improvements, it’s the only weapon that can do over 100 damage per second. There are a few things I need to add, though.

Since it’s a minigun, it will make it much harder to move. It shoots in a cone like a shotgun, so this DPS probably plays a role in hitting the whole cone. Still, it’s amazing because anything even slightly close is a death sentence, so people don’t have to run away quickly.

Newt MGL

The Ascent Newt MGL Trailer Introduction
Damage Per Second710
Damage TypeBallistic
Rounds Per Second2
Clip Size6
Reload Time3 seconds

While The Dealbreaker may have more damage, the Newt MGL is better at throwing grenades and has a longer range. Of course, grenades are the best weapon against groups of enemies because they do a lot of damage and push everyone back.

It might come as a surprise to see some old-school weapons on the chart as part of the CyberSec Pack. There are some future features in this cyberpunk game, but they are built on top of a standard base.


The Ascent Landing A Three Digit Strike With The Overwhelmer
Damage Per Second607
Damage TypeBallistic and Fire
Rounds Per Second5
Clip Size20
Reload Time2 seconds

It seems like someone who made the game thought there should be one tool that has all the good things about it. They gave that idea to the AR Overwhelmer if this is true.

Since it’s a machine gun, it can move around easily, shoot quickly, and have a long range. On top of that, it takes elite damage every second, fire damage, and explosion damage. Not only is the harm silly, but it also hurts enemies in a certain area.


The Ascent Recoil Burst Rifle Trailer Introduction
Damage Per Second750
Damage TypeBallistic
Rounds Per Second14.1
Clip Size45
Reload Time0.6 seconds

It fires in short bursts, like a burst weapon. While the gun does more damage generally than most heavy weapons, it’s still possible to beat Spacebar Clicker with just the Recoil. The gun never stops because it only takes 0.6 seconds to reload.

While it doesn’t have the Overwhelmer’s small area burst, it makes up for it with a knockback effect that keeps groups from being too much for the shooter. This saves your life in later stages when groups of enemies seem to never end. Saving the Indent is what this high-end RPG is all about, not saving the world. The Recoil will do that very well.

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