PitBiking vs Dirt Biking: What Are the Differences?


Dirt bikes are entertaining to ride. However, the upkeep and the maintenance cost keep most people from buying them. This is why most of the young riders go for pitbike instead of dirt bikes. These are a relatively cheaper option and easier and less expensive to maintain. Therefore, they are a great introduction for teenagers who want to pursue dirt biking in the future. 

What Are PitBikes?

These are small and lightweight motorcycles used for riding in pits and even pit racing. 

While there are a lot of these motorcycles that are made for adults, they usually target a younger audience, including kids and teens. Since these bikes have smaller and less strong engines, they are generally cheaper than dirt bikes. Alibaba has some pitbikes that are best suited for kids. 

For these reasons, these motorcycles have gained immense popularity among teenagers as well as adults. These bikes are considered the training wheels of the dirt biking world. 

Is There a Difference Between a PitBike and a Dirt Bike?

While both bikes work on the same concept, there are a few differences between a pitbike and a dirt bike. The main difference is that pitbikes are a lot slower than dirt motorcycles. This is due to the sole reason that they have less powerful engines, ranging anywhere between 50 to 150 cc. Dirt motorcycles, on the other hand, have engines that can be even higher than 450 ccs. 

These motorcycles also have less torque than dirt motorbikes, another factor that hampers their speed. Since these motorbikes are less powerful and are slower, their main users and kids and early teenagers who wish to get into the space of dirt racing. Moreover, they are also easier and cheaper to maintain. 

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Another difference is that pitbikes cannot be ridden in the same land areas as standard dirt motorbikes. They are meant to be ridden in actual pits and smoother racing stadiums. 

Are These Motorbikes Safe for Kids?

These motorcycles are usually designed for kids; therefore, it is safe to say that they are perfectly harmless for kids and teenagers. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while buying one for your kid. 

If your kid doesn’t have any prior motorbike experience, it is suggested to start with an engine of around 50 ccs, but if your child is older or is a teenager, then it is safe to go even higher. Safety is a big concern, so make sure to fulfill all the protective formalities before letting them ride a motorbike. 

Why Are They So Cheap?

Even though they are not that different from dirt motorbikes, they are a lot cheaper. This is because they are not designed to function in the competitive area as that of a dirt motorcycle. Usually, they are manufactured cheaply and are considered more of a toy than a full-blown racing vehicle. 

Although they can be quick and efficient, these motorcycles are not supposed to have a long life. Alibaba provides some of the most inexpensive and good-quality pitbikes for your child to start their journey in dirt racing. 

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