Parizaad Drama Cast, Story, Review, Writer, Timing, Release Date, And Ending Story

Are you ready for a thrilling ride into the world of drama? Then look no further than Parizaad, the latest sensation taking the Pakistani television industry by storm. This captivating and exciting new series is packed with an all-star cast, including some of the most talented actors in Pakistan. So if you’re looking for a gripping tale full of twists and turns, be sure to tune in to Parizaad – we promise it won’t disappoint! In this blog post, we’ll be delving deeper into everything you need to know about this hit show, from its storyline and characters to its release date and ending story. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive right in!

What is Parizaad Drama?

Parizaad Drama is a story about a girl named Parizaad who is living in a small town and is very poor. Her father is a very strict man and she is not allowed to go out of the house or talk to any boys. One day, she meets a boy named Zaid who is from a wealthy family. Zaid helps her with her studies and they become friends.

Parizaad’s father finds out about their friendship and gets very angry. He doesn’t want his daughter to be friends with a boy from a wealthy family. He tries to keep them apart but eventually, they find ways to meet each other again. They start falling in love with each other but they know that it would never be possible for them to be together because of their different social class.

The drama ends with Parizaad’s father finding out about their relationship and him forbidding them from ever seeing each other again. Parizaad is heartbroken and she decides to leave her hometown and go to the city to make something of herself.

Parizaad Drama Cast

The cast of Parizaad includes some of the biggest names in the Pakistani entertainment industry. The drama is directed by Sarmad Khoosat and written by Faiza Iftikhar. It stars Sanam Saeed, Adnan Malik, Meera, and Imran Abbas in the lead roles.

The story of Parizaad is a moving tale of love, loss, and redemption. It follows the lives of two sisters, Parizaad and Zeenat, who are separated by fate. Parizaad is forced to marry a man she does not love, while Zeenat is left to fend for herself. However, the sisters are united by their shared love for each other.

The drama has received critical acclaim for its powerful story and performances by the cast. It is definitely worth a watch!

Parizaad Drama Story

Parizaad is a Pakistani drama serial that aired on Hum TV in 2016. The drama was written by Danish Nawaz and directed by Nadeem Baig. It starred Sajal Ali, Ahsan Khan, and Sanam Jung in the lead roles.

The story of Parizaad revolves around a young girl named Parizaad (Sajal Ali) who is forced to marry her cousin Qasim (Ahsan Khan). However, she does not love him and is only interested in his money. Parizaad’s life takes a turn when she meets Javed (Sanam Jung), a poor boy from the city who falls in love with her.

Javed tries to convince Parizaad to leave Qasim and marry him instead, but she is not interested. things take a dramatic turn when Javed is killed by Qasim’s brother. Parizaad is devastated by his death and decides to take revenge. She poisons Qasim’s brother and he dies. Qasim is heartbroken and realizes that he was wrong about Parizaad all along. He begs her to forgive him and they get married in the end.

The drama was well-received by viewers and was praised for its strong storyline and performances by the cast.

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Parizaad Drama Review

Parizaad Drama Review:

The play “Parizaad” is a drama written by Pakistani playwright Anwar Maqsood. It was first staged in Karachi in 2006. The play is set in the fictional town of Gulberg and revolves around the life of Parizaad, a young girl who is forced to marry an older man against her will. The play sheds light on the plight of women in Pakistan who are often married off to much older men and face many challenges in their lives.

The play received critical acclaim for its strong writing and performances. Parizaad Drama cast included well-known Pakistani actors such as Marina Khan, Javed Sheikh, Bushra Ansari, and Wahab Shah. The play was directed by Sarmad Khoosat and received positive reviews from critics.

Despite its serious subject matter, the play is also sprinkled with humor which makes it an enjoyable watch. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking drama with excellent writing and performances, then Parizaad is definitely worth watching.

Parizaad Drama Writer

Parizaad is a Pakistani drama writer. She has written for many popular dramas, including Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai and Jalan. Her work often explores social issues and she is known for her strong female characters. Parizaad has won several awards for her writing, including the Pakistan Media Award for Best Drama Writer.

Parizaad Drama Timing

Parizaad is a Pakistani drama that aired on Hum TV in 2016. The drama was written by Samra Bukhari and directed by Nadeem Baig. It starred Sajal Aly, Ayeza Khan, and Adnan Siddiqui in the lead roles.

The drama was about the love story of Parizaad (Sajal Aly) and Kashif (Adnan Siddiqui). Parizaad was a girl from a middle-class family who fell in love with Kashif, a rich boy. Their families were against their relationship but they continued to see each other secretly.

The drama was praised for its storyline and the performances of the cast. It also had a good rating throughout its run.

The drama aired on Hum TV from Monday to Friday at 8:00 pm.

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Parizaad Drama Release Date

The much-awaited drama serial Parizaad is all set to release on Geo Entertainment on the 14th of December 2020. The cast of the play includes some big names like Sajal Ali, Ahsan Khan, Ushna Shah, Adnan Siddiqui, and Nadia Afghan. The play has been written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and directed by Mohsin Talat.

The story of Parizaad revolves around a girl named Parizaad whose life takes a turn when she gets married into a wealthy family. The family belongs to a different social class and she has to deal with various challenges. She also has to face the jealousy of her husband’s first wife. The story is full of suspense, drama, and emotions. It will keep the viewers hooked till the very end.

The play is scheduled to air every Monday and Tuesday at 9 pm PST.

Parizaad Drama Ending Story

The drama revolves around the life of Parizaad, who is married to a much older man. Her in-laws are not very supportive and she is constantly belittled by them. However, she finds solace in her husband and the love between them knows no bounds. The story takes a turn when her husband suddenly passes away and she is left all alone.

Parizaad is heartbroken and devastated by his death but she finds the strength to carry on. With the help of her friends, she starts rebuilding her life and slowly starts to move on. However, just when she thought she was over her late husband, she meets someone who looks exactly like him. This new man rekindles all the feelings that she had for her late husband and she falls in love with him all over again.

The drama ends with Parizaad realizing that although her late husband is gone, he will always be with her in spirit. She has found new happiness in her life but will always cherish the memories of her late husband.

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