Oppo F5: Great Device for the Modern Users

Oppo F5

The cell phone is proven as a magical device in the modern times. The landline phone was a useful device where the users can talk to each other. After that, the cell phones made the user free from the cables and hence the users were made to talk and text even while roaming. However, the technocrats were not much happy as the user of a cell phone was restricted to use texts and calls. The smartphone made it possible for the users to communicate with the help of the messengers and chat applications where one was not to use the calling and messaging features only.

The smartphones are provided with lots of features that can help the users to carry out different tasks without using calling and texting features. One can handle his finance, health, and many other activities with the help of the smartphones. With the change in technology, the smartphones were provided with the latest features, and all the makers also started providing modern features in their models. Among the leading players in the smartphone market, one needs to consider Oppo also which has offered lots of models for the standard users of this device. Over the period the brand has got huge client base, and hence it is launching some more devices in the market.

Oppo F5 is a device from the brand that has ruled the market due to its quality and excellent features. As per the experts, the device has got many such features that have made it hit in the mobile market. The Oppo F5 64 GB is one of the leading models from the brand that helped it to gain a huge market share as well as reputation in the mobile market.


Oppo F5 is a leading device launched by the Oppo. This model has one of the best operating systems that is Android v7.1 known as Nougat. The model supports both SIMs of GSM technology. The SIMs to be used in this device must be of NANO size. One can enjoy the 2G as well as 3G and 4G on this device. For the safety of the user’s data on the device, there is fingerprint sensor provided on the back side of the device. There are lots of other features on this device that has made it popular among the users who love to have premium features on the device.

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Design and Display

The dimension of this device is 156.5 x 76 x 7.5 mm. which is considered as standard one. The screen size is 6 inch and the body to screen ratio of the device is 78.11 % which is considered as a good one. Those who love to have different coloured device can go for either gold or black as there are only two colours available in this model. The metal body of the device offers it a stunning look. The most important part of this device is its pixel density that is 402 PPI. He IPS screen helps the user to have an accurate look at the screen from all the angles. The screen has up to 10 points multi-touch which can help the user to enjoy the device to the fullest extent.

Performance and Storage

The model Oppo F5 has got MediaTek processor MT6763T which is considered as one of the excellent processors. It is an octa-core processor with 2.5 GHz chipset of Cortex A53. The 64-bit architecture helps the user to carry out numerous functions at high-speed. It has MaliG71 Graphics that can offer the effective graphical look of the screen for the excellent gaming experience. The model has got 64GB internal storage that can help the device to function smoothly. As far as the storage is concerned, one can load the memory card with memory up to 256 GB also. The device also supports USB-OTG that means the data stored on the USB can also be accessed easily on this device. One can store lots of images and songs as well as videos on the device due to such a huge data storage capacity of this smartphone. One can listen to songs and watch videos stored on the device to kill time.

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Camera and Battery

A smartphone is not a smart device unless it has an effective camera. The makers know this fact well, and hence they have provided to quality cameras on the front and back side of the device. The primary camera provided on this device is of 16 MP which is considered much better compared to many other models from different makers. The rear camera is of 20 MP which has CMOS to have the better quality images. It also has autofocus with aperture f1.8. It does not have OIS. It has LED flash that can help to have better images even at night. The resolution taken by the rear camera is of the image is 4616 x 3464. The user can also set ISO as well as exposure compensation with the help of settings. One can also shoot images in HDR and continuous shooting mode. There are features such as auto flash, digital zoom, face detection as well as touch-to-focus. The front camera of this device is 16 MP. This model has 3200 mAh battery which is a Li-ion type. It is a device where the battery cannot be replaced by the user. The image quality of the device is excellent, and hence the users can enjoy the image clicking as well as video shooting. The battery backup of this device can help the user to have the best result.

Network and Connectivity

The model Oppo F5 supports dual SIMs of Nano size. The user can operate NANO SIMs. The device supports 4G as well as 3G and 2G.  The device has VoLTE with the help of which one can easily go for the communication over the internet. There is hardly any feature of connectivity that is not available on this device. It has Wi-Fi 802.11 as well as a//b/g/n with 5GHz to have better wireless connectivity. There is also a hotspot, GPS, and Bluetooth features.


Oppo F5 price in India is 23490 INR which is quite a part of the medium priced phone.

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