Nokia 3310 New: Let the glory of the time shine again

Nokia 3310 new

Many times, it is said that the history repeats itself, but examples of the same are seldom. However, with the relaunch of age-old device Nokia 3310, the same is proven now. Once upon a time, Nokia Corporation had sold millions of this phone in the global market. Although it was a basic model compared to modern devices of today, yet it was a mega hit in those days, and due to this model only, the company ruled on the mobile market for a number of years. The company has decided to have another launch of this model which is going to hit the market on 25th April 2017.  The previous version was a single SIM, but the new version Nokia 3301 New will be with dual SIM facility. Of course, like its predecessor, it will be functional on GSM only, and there will be 2G connectivity.

In this era of the smartphone, it may seem a bit odd that why the company has taken the risk to relaunch the basic phone. Well, there are many people who use a smartphone but due to various limitations of the same always keep a basic phone as a backup, and hence, the company has taken a very right decision to rule the market of the basic phone with this model. It will have simple features like calling and texting, but the battery backup will be solid.

Design and Display

The dimension of this device is 115.6x51x12.8 mm. The utility of the phone is simply amazing as it is not as big as a modern smartphone. The small screen of the device is provided on the front side, and below the screen, there is a keypad. The keys are bigger and easy to operate with a smooth touch. There are also buttons of select and menu as well as return. There is also the name of the company mentioned below the screen but above the keypad. On the top side, there is earpiece vent. On the backside of the device, the company has offered a camera with flash. The space of loudspeaker is also provided there only. The company has offered 3.5 mm jack which can help one talk using a hands-free or even listen to the music. On the top, there is also microUSB provided where charging cable can be attached to charge the device. This model will be presented in different models such as yellow, green, and blue as well as red.

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The device has a screen of a 2.4-inch size which may seem very small to the users of the smartphone. The resolution of this display is also an average as it is 240×320 pixel with the 167 PPI. The display is a TFT type and which can help one to view the data in the sunlight also from various angles. The screen tobody ratio of this device is 30.26%, and obviously, the screen is allotted very small size on the device. It has a numeric physical keypad as it is a basic phone.

Storage and Camera

As far as the storage and camera are concerned in the basic phone, this device is offered with some really useful options. The internal memory in this device is 16 GB, and one can extend it to 32 GB with the help of a multimedia card. The device is provided with only a primary camera which is 2 MP. It does not have any other features which are usually there with the camera of the smartphone as this device is provided with Symbian technology only. For better images, there is only a LED flash provided so one can get images in the dull light also. The resolution of the camera is 1600X1200 pixels. One can see that the camera provided here also has the feature of digital zoom.


Since the evolution of mobile technology, the Nokia Corporation products and particularly this device is much known for it powerful battery. This new device also will have a 1200mAh battery. It will be of Li-ion type and will be with user replaceable type. The user can enjoy it for 22.5 hours for calling as well as texting. The standby time of this battery is 744 hours which can be much useful for the user. The technology on which this device works is Symbian, and it is much famous for its battery backup although other applications that one can find with this technology are only a few in numbers. Hence those who love to use the phone for calling as well as messaging this device will be of great help. One can use this device for backup and just for calling. Hence for the kids as well as old people the device can be much helpful. It is also affordable in cost.

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Network and Connectivity

The new model is provided with the facility of dual SIM. It has slots for mini sized SIMS. The SIM 1 supports GSM type. And it also supports GPRS. However, the SIM 2 does not support it. The frequency of the SIM 1 on which it works is 1800/1900 MHz. There is also Bluetooth v3.0 which can help one to transfer the data easily. For the data transfer, the Micros USB is also provided by the company.


It has FM radio feature in it which can help the radio lovers to enjoy the music all the time. There is also loudspeaker facility so one can speak on speaker also. It has polyphonic ringtone and also supports music. The best feature is the vibration provided with this device. The music on this device must be in MP3 format only as other formats are not supported by the device.

Special Features

This basic phone was much known for games on it such as a snake game and block game. The phonebook on this device also has a limited capacity of storing the contacts. The browser of this device only supports WAP images. There are also other features such as stopwatch, calendar, world clock and alarm


The device was much popular in the past, but now the scenario is changed. So, it is better to leave the fate of the device on time only. Nokia 3310 New price in India is expected to be almost 4k.

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