Montego Bay: A Popular Jamaican Attraction

Montego Bay: A Popular Jamaican Attraction

Our previous visit to Montego was mainly restricted to the resort we stayed in. The hotel in itself offered so many facilities that we ended up spending most of our time within its premises. We hardly spared any time on outdoor activities. However, this time, we made sure of going beyond the resorts of Jamaica. So, this spring, we planned to focus on the local food and culture which tourists can experience only when they step out of their plush resorts. Without wasting our time, we quickly booked Zoetry Montego, a boutique resort from the Southwest website. 

For our vacations, we always choose this airline because of the customer-friendly Southwest cancellation policy. Though canceling wasn’t needed this time, the presence of the policy was there for help if required.

The Resort Location

Zoetry Montego was the same resort we stayed in before. The reason for choosing it for the second time is not only because of the all-inclusive facilities but also due to its location. The resort is located in an upscale neighborhood called the Rose Hall. We preferred to stay in the vicinity of real Jamaican life, the people, the cuisine, the activities, and the natural beauty of the island. 

Montego Bay Activities 

Montego Bay is located in Jamaica, a beautiful island placed in the Caribbean sea. The place exhibits a unique topographical feature, a combination of sea beaches lined by reefs, rainforests, and mountains. Also, it is the birthplace of world-famous “reggae” music. Many old buildings of historical importance are found here too. 

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So, whether it is the scenic natural beauty, the culture of pulsating reggae beats, or the historical old world charm, a Montego Bay vacation seems to be incomplete without experiencing them all.

Ahh Ras Natango

The place is as exotic as its name suggests. Natango is one of the secrets of Montego that, we believe, remains to be unexplored by most tourists. The botanical garden and the art gallery give us a slice of real Jamaica. We came to know about the native flora and fauna as well as its vibrant culture. 

The Great Houses

So, the Great Houses are buildings testifying to the country’s colonial past. These big houses used to be the residential areas of rich planters or their representatives. The Greenwood Great House and the Rose Hall Great House are located quite close to Montego Bay. Speaking of the former one, it is about 15km away from Montego. It was built more than 200 years ago and is one of the best-preserved colonial buildings. We could behold the breathtaking panoramic beauty of the Island from the Great House too. 

Reggae Music Concert

Not many may be aware of the fact that Jamaica is the place of origin for not just one but five genres of music. Reggae is the most popular of all. As a traveler, one may attend these concerts in Montego Bay and enjoy the beat. Since we visited the place during the spring season, we lost the chance to be part of Sumfest, which probably takes place in July. I have heard eminent Jamaican musicians happen to visit the place during the fest. 

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Martha Brae

This form of rafting in Montego Bay is quite popular among tourists. We boarded on a bamboo raft which was about 30ft long. While the captain sailed us down the Martha Brae, we simply sat relaxed and enjoyed watching the flowing waters of the river, its banks, and the birds. 

Jamaica Farewell

At last, the time came when we had to bid goodbye to Montego Bay. Overall the trip turned out to be great. This time we made sure to explore the nature and people of the region. Altogether, a different facet of the Caribbean Island was revealed that most tourists miss out on during their stay. 
Undoubtedly, the resorts located there are amazing with their state-of-the-art lodging facilities. For our trip, we used the Southwest website not only to book the resort but also to purchase flight tickets. The compensations offered according to Southwest flight cancellation policy are excellent, just in case you need them. Therefore, even when the flights get canceled, we would be attended by the airline’s staff with the best of their offers.

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