Vital Points To Know Before Purchasing Gemstone Jewelry

gemstone jewelry

The Gemstones are royal, classy, and timeless pieces of ornaments that have gained popularity since ancient times. Apart from the stunning look, there are many other benefits of styling gemstone jewelry.

Colorful stones or gems get recognition as protective amulets and lucky talismans. However, they also have symbolic meaning, and as per their exclusive properties and birth month and zodiac sign, people also wear birthstone jewelry.

Gems have always gained the spotlight in the dynamic world of fashion and ornaments due to their charming appearance and versatility, as they pair perfectly with any attire.

For every month, there is a specific birthstone. For instance, people born in the second month of the year must wear February Birthstone Amethyst, a sparkling purple color gem. It’s a shielding stone that alleviates stress and anxiety, making you feel calm.

Historical Details of Gemstone Ornaments

Showcasing gemstone trinkets got started thousands of years ago. However, the colorful stones and their jewelry has a long and impressive history. A so-called ”Breastplate story of Aaron” records gems’ spiritual and tribal purposes.

Earlier Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Christian civilizations recognized gemstones for their mystical qualities or expression of wealth, cultural beliefs, and sacred associations. In the 15th century, the birthstone ornaments and astrological relevance of K2 Jasper gems gained importance.

Know Precious & Semi-Precious Gemstones

Precious gems are known for their quality, rarity, and the beauty of their colors. Only four stones are precious: diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald. All other gemstones apart from these four precious ones are known as Semi-precious stones. Precious stones are delicate and need the utmost care. However, being semi-precious does not mean they are less alluring than the previous ones.

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The semi-precious gems provide an endless palette of colors and shades that are wider than all colors of the valuable gemstones put together.

Natural, Lab Created & Simulated Gems

Natural gems are found and mined in natural settings. Post this; they get treated by crafting them in the form of gorgeous and appealing Opal Jewelry. The Lab created gemstones that mostly have the same molecular composition as the natural ones.

Laboratory gems are chemically, physically, and optically similar to natural gemstones. However, through laboratory cultivation, impurities and imperfections eliminate from the colored stones. Simulated gemstones appear like replacements for natural gems. However, they do not form from minerals.

Factors Determining Value of Gemstones

  • Color is also known as shade. It directly affects the value of a gem and how it appears on the Moonstone jewelry. The transparent, medium, intense and saturated colors are the most preferred.
  • Clarity is the look of imperfections in the gemstone. Clear or transparent gems with no visible flaws are the most valued. On the other hand, one cannot see some gemstones without inclusions.
  • The gems get sold based on their weight, not by size. Their prices get fixed according to per carat. Larger stones of some kind are rare and costly.
  • The cut is crucial in knowing the gemstone’s beauty and perceived value when it gets set in Turquoise Jewelry. An adequately cut gem looks enticing and does not cost too high but appears worth cherishing.

Care & Cleaning of Gemstone Jewelry

One should always select the mildest cleaning method for cleaning. Use a jewelry polishing cloth to wipe over the areas that require polish. One can also use cotton or microfiber cloth if you do not have a polishing cloth.

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Use a non-detergent soap and warm water to clean the jewelry for desirable results. Do not use facial tissues or paper towels for cleaning as they can leave scratches on the gemstone. Proper cleansing and storage will increase the life span of your tempting and valuable colorful stone jewelry.

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