Internet Uses In Education-Merits & Demerits of Internet Learning

internet uses

The Internet is the most helpful method of using technology. It is beneficial not only in professional lives but also in education. In the field of education, it is widely used in gathering information. Children need to research to complete their various tasks and assignments. The Internet uses wider in the field of education and technology. The usage of the Internet in education brings a revolution in traditional education. Every school have digital classrooms to make students learning more interactive and flexible.

People use the Internet for search queries in the most popular search engines like Google and Yahoo are students’ top choices as these search engines provide instant and better results in just a few seconds, making learning more accessible. Internet uses in daily life are increasing rapidly for our day-to-day tasks.

7 Benefits of Internet in Education

Increase Classroom Connectivity

It increases classroom connectivity for students. Students can discuss with the teacher what they learn from study material available on the Internet and clear their doubts. Whenever students need any kind of help Internet helps them to interact with teachers, and provides real-time assistance. School in Pratap Nagar Jaipur provides digital classroom facilities for better interaction in the classroom.

Easy Approach to Quality Education

Students can now approach better education from long distances with the help of the Internet. Now they can have access to video lectures, notes and study materials. Students can take paid online classes as well as free videos on youtube. Students also have the benefit of solving mock test papers and educational quizzes. They can learn so many things through easy tutorials and can enhance their hobbies. Through internet uses teachers have the benefit of recording their lectures and providing their videos to students for revisions which is better than reading from traditional notes.

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Powerful Teaching Tool

As we discuss internet use for education, it has become a primary and most functional teaching and learning tool for teachers and students. Nowadays, teachers use the Internet as a teaching tool and can record their lectures and post their study materials on school websites and channels. The easy benefit for students is they get easy access to learn things anytime and anywhere.

Flexible Learning

Resource and location restraints of standard modes of education do not apply to online learning education. The Internet allows everyone to learn all study material online anytime at their own pace.

It also provides a 24×7 help facility for students and teachers to interact. Through the Internet, professionals can enroll in the courses they want to grow according to their schedules.

Updated Information

Information is the most significant advantage of the Internet. Students can gather updated information through the Internet. Many online websites and news channels provide updated information from time to time. Different websites updated their content on a daily basis. As well as, students can gather information on every subject they need.

Affordable Learning

Purchasing books and study material is expensive fair for students. The Internet makes learning affordable for everyone. Students can download free e-books and study material from the Internet. Well-known famous teachers and institutes provide free study material for students.

Higher Recognition of Online Certifications

Online certifications have had no reliable value since a few years ago in the professional sector. Now, that scenario is undergone in which top universities are now offering distance learning online certification programs to learn from everywhere. Online certifications are highly accepted in jobs nowadays.

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Demerits of Internet

Every single thing has its pros and cons. As we discuss on the use of the Internet for students, despite all those benefits, there is a dark side to the Internet for students. There are lots of disadvantages to the Internet in students’ life.

More Screen Time

Screen time is a significant disadvantage of online education. Students learning from online videos and lectures spend all their time on laptops and computer screens, which is not good for their health. It will increase the chances of weak eyes and headache problems.

Distract from Studies

The Internet is very useful for students in many ways, and as it makes their learning significantly easier, sometimes the Internet distracts them from their studies. As we all know, the Internet has a huge variety of entertainment. Some students can’t focus on their studies and spend all their time playing games and watching videos on the Internet.

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As we discussed the merits and demerits of Internet, the Internet is a powerful tool in education, but it also has a harmful effect on students. It enhances the opportunities for studies for students, but it has a detrimental impact on distracting them from various entertainment things available on the Internet. So, it’s your responsibility to use the Internet for future benefit, not as a waste of time.

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