Immigrate to Canada as Civil Engineers in 90 days

Civil Engineers

If you are a Civil Engineer looking for Jobs in Canada for Indians then you are needed in Canada. There are multiple Canadian immigration pathways for those who seek to move to Canada as Civil Engineers.

The constantly expanding cities as well as remote communities in Canada are continually upgrading. The demand for Civil Engineers in Canada is at its peak due to the fast-growing economy. So you have a bright chances of success if you apply for Canada PR Visa. So don’t wait apply now.

·One Million job openings in 23 sectors in Canada

·Canada has a great demand for Civil Engineers for the upcoming 9 years

·The projected employment growth till 2030 is 8%

·Four Provinces in Canada have a specifically huge demand for Civil Engineers

·Civil Engineers can get an annual salary of up to CAD 86,500 in Canada

·12 plus Immigration pathways currently available for Civil Engineers

Job Prospects for Civil Engineers

Canada, the second largest nation in the world has a huge demand for skilled Engineers. Skilled Overseas citizens are offered highly-paid jobs in Canada. The scarcity of suitable Civil Engineers is projected to continue in Canada for the next nine years at least. This is in spite of the major growth in the numbers of eligible immigrants and fresh University graduates seeking job openings. So don’t wait apply now.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has also commenced the Occupation-targeted draws in Express Entry. The targeted 82 occupations include Technology, Healthcare, Agriculture, Transport, and Trade inclusive of Civil Engineers. Thus, skilled overseas workers seeking to move to Canada have amazing prospects to move to Canada on the Permanent Resident status. So don’t wait apply now.

COPS – Canadian Occupational Projection System has forecasted that between 2023 and 2031, the Canadian job market will have 26,100 fresh job openings for Civil Engineers. So don’t wait apply now.

The NOC 2021 Code/TEER stream for Civil Engineers is 21300.

Civil Engineer – Roles and Responsibilities

·Coordinating with Engineering team members and clients and managing clients for conducting research and determining and deciding the requirements of the project

·Designing and planning crucial civil projects such as Bridges, Roads, Dams, Buildings, Structural Steel Fabrications and Waste and Water Management Systems So don’t wait apply now.

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·Developing procedures and specifications for construction, actively conducting field services

·Evaluating and suggesting suitable materials for construction and building

·Interpreting, analyzing, and approving the civil design work and surveys

·Ensuring that construction plans fulfill the guidelines and specifications of the building codes and other policies

·Setting up and monitoring work schedules related to construction, So don’t wait apply now.

·Conducting studies for feasibility, environmental impact, regional and municipal traffic economic analysis, or other investigation studies

·Oversee technical analysis of survey and topographic developmental field data, hydrological, soil, or other details and preparing reports

·Acting as Site Supervisor or Project Supervisor for land survey or construction work, So don’t wait apply now.

·Preparing documents related to the contract and reviewing and assessing the construction project for tenders

·Supervising, reviewing and approving the cost calculations and estimations made by Technicians, Technologists, and other Engineers

Current Salaries for Civil Engineers in Canadian Provinces

According to the latest job market data and trends, Calgary in Alberta offers the highest wages to Civil Engineers in Canada with CAD 45 hourly. Saskatchewan with CAD 44.71 hourly is the next Province offering good wages to Civil Engineers. So don’t wait apply now.

Average Yearly Wages in CADProvince / Area
80,313.60British Columbia
71,884.80New Brunswick
83,692.80Newfoundland and Labrador
72,000Nova Scotia
61,036.80Prince Edward Island

Eligibility Criteria for Civil Engineers in Canada

·Bachelor’s Degree or Graduation in Civil Engineering or any associated Engineering discipline

·Master’s Degree or Doctorate in a linked Engineering discipline

·License from a Territorial or Provincial Association of Professional Engineers is required to obtain approval for Engineering Reports and Drawings for practicing as a Professional Engineer / P.Eng.

·Engineers are regarded as qualified for registration after graduating from a recognized educational program. This is after 3 to 4 years of supervised work experience in the Engineering sector and after successfully appearing for a professional practice examination.

·Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – LEED Certification is provided by the Canada Green Building Council – CGBC as a few employers in Canada seek it, So don’t wait apply now.

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Titles List for Civil Engineers

·Civil Engineer

·Bridge Engineer

·Construction Engineer

·Geomatics Engineer

·Environmental Engineer

·Project Engineer – Construction

·Municipal Engineer

·Surveying Engineer

·Structural Engineer

·Highway Engineer

·Geodetic Engineer

·Hydraulics Engineer

·Public Works Engineer

·Sanitation Engineer

·Transportation Engineer

·Traffic Engineer

·Water Management Engineer

Demand for Civil Engineers propelled by Infrastructure Programs and the Green Revolution

The increasing adoption of E-commerce and the transition towards a Green Economy has resulted in growing demand for Civil Engineers in Canada. The need for Engineering Services is likely to be driven by commercial and industrial buildings that are energy-efficient. Warehouse space and Manufacturing Plants for Electric Vehicles are also likely to contribute to this increasing demand.

Ottawa has announced a 12-year Infrastructure project worth $185 Billion and this is also likely to promote the construction of Public Institutional Buildings and Engineering Structures.

This means there are abundant opportunities for overseas citizens seeking to move to Canada through the Express Entry System. The flagship immigration application management system in Canada had till now conducted draws according to immigration programs. It was not targeting any particular occupations for the draws till August 2023.

COPS website has noted that currently, Canada has quite enormous demand for Civil Engineers. The major scarcity of these professionals is likely to continue notwithstanding the arrival of skilled overseas immigrants, it adds. Further, the labor demand and scarcity witnessed in recent years are likely to continue for a decade, projects COPS.

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Learn about immigrating to Canada as a Civil Engineer

Understand the opportunities for Civil Engineers in the Canadian job market. Know about roles and responsibilities, salaries offered in various provinces, and job titles. So don’t wait apply now.

Invest in your future as a Civil Engineer in Canada. Abundant job opportunities, high demand, and immigration pathways await. Secure your success with a Canada PR Visa application today! So don’t wait apply now.

Canada presents a promising landscape for Civil Engineers, with one million job openings across 23 sectors and a robust demand projected for the next nine years. The country’s proactive immigration policies and Occupation-targeted draws in Express Entry enhance opportunities. So don’t wait apply now.

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