You must understand how to store your Remy human hair extensions carefully if you want them to look fantastic every time you use them.

 If you don’t preserve your Remy human hair extensions properly, you’ll end up with a tangled mess instead of silky, lustrous extensions. So, today we will share our secrets on storing your hair extensions like a pro!

Pre-Storage Routine

●       Detangle your hair extensions.

●       Dampen the hair extension from roots to tips.

●       Use a moisturizing and sulfate-free shampoo, and gently scrunch the strands to remove product build-up and grease.

●       Rinse under lukewarm water (lukewarm water will help remove the grease).

●       Follow it up by using a conditioner and rinse under cold water.

●       Air-dry the Remy human hair extensions.

●       When the extensions are 70% dry, coat a light layer of serum.

Storage Routine

●       First, make sure the clip in human hair extensions are in good shape so they are perfect the next time you wish to wear them. Begin by lightly combing them with a loop brush. To avoid breaking, start at the ends and work upwards.

●       You should also make sure that all of the clips are closed so that they don’t trap the hair and cause damage. If your extensions have just been washed, you should let them dry completely or blow-dry them.

●       Use moisturizing products like a serum for human hair extensions to keep the extensions hydrated to prevent split ends.

●       To preserve the strands, gather the ends and fasten them with a hair tie. If you have hair nets lying around, put your extensions in the net. This way, the extensions will stay put.

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●       You’ll need to choose a place for your tape human hair extensions wholesale in los angeles now that they’re ready for storage.

Remy Human Hair Extensions Storage Methods

When it comes to storing your human hair extensions, you have a few alternatives. You can use the box your extensions came in or a shoebox. Continue reading to find out a few ways to store your Remy human hair extensions!

P.S. Always wash your hair extensions before storage!

 1.     Storage Box

Store it Away

To use the box approach, carefully twist the Remy tape in hair extensions into a circle and insert them into the box. It’s good to keep them on a high shelf where the extensions won’t be pushed or destroyed by pets or children.

2.     Hangers

Hang Nicely

If you use your human hair ponytail extensions daily, storing them on hangers is the easiest way. If you have several pieces, ensure you use more than one hanger; otherwise, the extensions may come off and be damaged. For additional convenience, you can pre-style your hair extensions and hang them.

3.     Hair Extension Bag

Bag it up

Our preferred method of storing Remy human hair extensions is the hanging bag, which doesn’t take up shelf space and keeps your hair extensions safe and off the floor. The extension bag is a compact alternative to the box and makes traveling with extensions easier. The storage bag will prevent any damage or tangles, extending the lifespan of your Remy human hair extensions.

Noteworthy benefits of the extension bag:

●       You can air-dry your Remy human hair extensions using the hanger.

●       Helps retain the shape of your extensions– perfect if you style your hair extensions before storing them.

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As we’ve mentioned earlier, these are the quickest and the most effective method to transform your look– so it’s only right that you store them properly!

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