How to Solve 99% Disposable Weed Pen Spitting Problem?

Disposable weed pen spitting is one of the most prominent problem areas in the cannabis vaping industry. Spit-back in the vape device occurs when oil passes by the cap area and can occur during inhalation or over time with the handling of a machine. Disposable weed pen spitting causes unpleasant spit-back and clogging, which reduces consumer satisfaction. Moreover, vape spitting in the device during shipping or packaging can cause the device to malfunction and possibly lead to product recalls. Cilicon’s new BioBaleen™Technology reduces vape spit-back by 99%, providing a solution to the problems caused by vape spitting for distributors and consumers. 

Market Background of the BioBaleen™ Module

The BioBaleen™ Module addresses several key cannabis atomization market issues. On the filing and distribution side, the new cap design from Cilicon’s design team almost completely solves the problem of escaping oil from the oil chamber. Escaped oil can cause operational issues with a device before it even reaches the consumer. In the best case, escaped oil can cause decreased customer satisfaction with a device that has issues from the first use. In the worst case, escaped oil can cause serious device malfunctions that require an entire product recall. The BioBaleen Cap solves this issue by capturing loose oil particles that reach the cap within its bristled silicone design.

Moreover, the BioBaleen Silicon Cap improves consumer satisfaction with several improvements to the vaping experience. Spit-back is one of the most commonly-cited consumer complaints regarding vaping devices. Spitting oil into the consumer’s mouth when taking a puff of vapor ruins the taste and generally is unpleasant. Vape spitting in the device also can cause clogging, as the oil seeps through the other sections of the device instead of remaining in the chamber. The BioBaleen Silicon Cap addresses both of these key issues for consumers.

How Does it Work? The Technical Process Behind the BioBaleen™ Module

The key to the BioBaleen™ Module’s reduction of spit back is the soft-touch silicone brush design of the cap. The splashing oil in the tank remains on the silicone brush, stopping it from flowing back through the device. First, the retention of oil in the brush removes the potential for spit-back, as the oil cannot reach through the device into the user’s mouth. Second, the retention of oil prevents the oil from reaching the central tube of the device, drastically reducing the potential for clogging. The result is a vaping experience with no interference, allowing the user to focus on the enjoyment of their oil.

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The Benefits of Disposable Weed Pen with the BioBaleen™ Module

The BioBaleen™ Module provides several benefits for Cilicon distributors and other partners.

 First of all, the module almost completely solves the issue of escaped oil in the device. The cap absorbs large flying oil droplets, preventing them from blocking the central air pipe and avoiding equipment failure or scrapping. It also combines the traditional silica gel sealing plug and filter cotton into one piece, BioBaleen Silicon Cap, which simplifies the capping process, reducing labor costs. Distributors can be confident that the filling and distribution process will run smoothly and efficiently with these two improvements. Moreover, distributors also benefit from increased consumer satisfaction that results from the advantages that the cap design provides for consumers.

Second, The new cap design provides several significant benefits at the point of consumption. The new cap design’s silicone bristles effectively reduce oil splashes, preventing consumers from inhaling large un-vaporized oil particles. Spit-back is unpleasant and can significantly impact the taste of the device. The new cap ensures that consumers can enjoy the full taste of their oil. In this way, the cap removes one of the most significant barriers to the enjoyment of vaping products that many consumers experience.

Third, replacing the traditional cotton filter avoids the inhalation of lint. Lint from cotton filters on standard caps can enter into the lungs, causing potential health complications. The BioBaleen silicon cap removes this potential, leading to a safer experience. Finally, the spit-back reduction also eliminates the potential for clogging, meaning that consumers can enjoy their device uninterrupted, with a steady airflow that does not become weaker over time. With these improvements to the vaping experience, the Bio-Baleen Module presents consumers with a new level of effectiveness in achieving their desired vaping experience.

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Best Disposable Weed Pen with The BioBaleen™ Module in Action 

  1. Solo 2

The SOLO 2 disposable weed pen is the best seller type from Cilicon and is equipped with a BioBaleen Silicon Cap. Cilicon will continue to implement this feature in the design of future models. 

The SOLO 2 is an upgraded, rechargeable and disposable THC vape on the market. With SOLO 2, you never need to worry about air clogging, oil leakage, and overburnt taste caused by an extended vaping journey. SOLO 2 is meant to provide users with a stable but robust vaping experience, bringing you an immersive vaping journey within a short period with each gentle and uniform puff. 


  • Duair™ Technology – Anti-oil Clogging
  • Formatrix™ Technology-New Generation of Ceramic Heating Technology
  • V shape Oil Tank-every drop of concentrate will be consumed
  • BioBaleen Module- reducing spit-back by 99%
  1. ELEV Air1

This extraordinary design is only possible thanks to Formatrix™ ceramic heating technology. A 3.0mm wide super engine makes ELEV Air1 so thin and compact without compromising vaping performance. 

Extremely slim and palm-sized with a built-in super smooth air pathway, ELEV Air1 is the most portable and quietest disposable vape pen on the market


  • Duair™ Technology – Anti-oil Clogging
  • Formatrix™ Technology-New Generation of Ceramic Heating Technology
  • V shape Oil Tank-every drop of concentrate will be consumed
  • BioBaleen Module- reducing spit-back by 99%


CILICON was born with one dream: to improve everyday lives through vaporization technology, with innovation, enthusiasm, and compassion. We are tired of inferior products driving out high-quality products and messing with the market. Therefore, CILICON was founded without compromise on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Innovation is in our blood, CILICON derives a game-changing CILICON DESIGNED platform to generate diverse cannabis vaporizer options available for increasing customer brand competitiveness from the crowd. For CILICON, Your Brand Success is Our priority, Your Customer Satisfaction Matters!

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