How to Hang Curtains Over Blinds

hang curtains over blinds

Are there windows in your house that may need a boost? This may be a good starting point if you have windows with blinds. Hanging drapes over blinds adds depth and sophistication to your windows, while blinds alone might seem cold or incomplete. Sometimes hanging curtains alone is adequate, but additional privacy or light control is required.

Installing curtains instead of blinds is an excellent method to suit your demands without losing aesthetic. But if you want to know how to put curtains over blinds quickly and easily, there is one thing that makes it possible.

Learn how to put curtains over blinds, get design inspiration, and uncover expert advice by reading on.

Before You Start

Before hanging motorized curtains Dubai, measure the length and breadth of the window. Length indicates how much fabric or curtain length is required, while breadth indicates how long a curtain rod should be. As a general guideline, you should select a curtain rod a few inches longer than the width of your window to guarantee its stability when it is hung.


Consider installing a curtain rod above your window and hanging long curtains to create the optical appearance of height.

Install Hooks or Brackets

Curtain brackets may be drilled into the wall or mounted on the headrail. The headrail is the horizontal bar across the top of your blinds. There are items designed specifically for handrail installation; if feasible, acquire them. Attaching the brackets directly to the headrail removes the need to drill holes in the wall. Most curtain brackets have the necessary screws for mounting them to the headrail. If not, simple screws may be purchased at a nearby hardware shop.

Install Curtains of Fabric on Curtain Rod

If you have sewing skills, you may purchase premade curtains or create your own. In any case, you will need a pocket along the length of your curtains to accommodate the curtain rod. Start by pulling your curtains taut on the rod and ensuring they can shut across the rod and window.

Insert Curtain Rod into Brackets or Hooks.

Then, hang your curtain rod by securing each end in a bracket. Ensure that the curtain rod is installed evenly on the wall or window and that the curtain is balanced. Try opening and shutting your drapes and blinds to ensure that everything is operating properly.

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The combination of blinds and drapes will enable you to regulate the amount of light in a room. You may open both during the day to allow natural light but close them at night to get some rest.

Curtains and blinds combined can increase your privacy. Curtains are readily opened by accident, enabling neighbors to see inside. It is not recommended to mount shades beyond the window casing, which permits you to concentrate on what you’re doing without thinking about the outside world.

Only install shades inside the window frame. If you layer drapes over blinds, maximizing your window’s real estate is essential. Unfortunately, putting blinds outside the window frame displays unsightly mounting hardware and makes the installation seem sloppy.

If your windows seem bigger, try installing an inside mount for your blinds and using longer curtain rods to cover a wider area.

Now let’s have a look at some curtain design ideas for popular window treatments:

  • Roller blinds • Roman blinds • Cellular blinds • Vertical blinds

Roller Shades Are Better Than Roller Coaster Rides

The evolution of roller blinds from their white vinyl ancestors has been substantial. They are inexpensive and available in various materials, so you do not have to forgo fashion to live within your means.

The ideal option is roller blinds if you need maximum light during the day and total seclusion at night.

Roman Shades Will Let You Remind Roman Love

Roman shades provide a more fitted appearance than conventional blinds. Roman shades are often opaque and can only be drawn up or down, providing fewer choices for light management.

If You Want Vintage, Then Go With Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are ideal for sliding doors and wide windows since they open horizontally rather than vertically.

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The widths and styles of vertical blinds are adaptable to your needs. The slats may be lightly chained at the bottom to prevent them from moving when the windows are open.

Avoid going overboard with patterns. Choose a print and a solid for the optimal look. Remember that if you lift your blinds during the day, they will be hidden from view. Therefore, if you like to display a stunning design, ensure it is on the curtains, not the blinds.

Do investigate textured treatments. Sometimes, smooth fabrics and wood could be better. However, textural window coverings such as braided wood blinds or velvet curtains may give depth and style to a space.

Love cellular, then choose cellular blind.

Cellular shades are the best option when more privacy, light control, and insulation are required. The honeycomb structure allows light to pass through while providing an opaque covering. Internal cells keep hot and cold air out, making them a practical and energy-efficient choice. There are also blackout settings available for ultimate privacy.

Installing matching blinds and curtains throughout your house is not recommended. If you cannot change your blinds, you may give each room a distinct personality by selecting new curtains.

The Simplicity Is Hidden in a Horizontal Blind

It is popular to install drapes over horizontal or Venetian blinds. They may be fully opened, closed, or tilted at different angles for optimal light and privacy control.

Several materials are available for horizontal blinds, including vinyl, aluminum, wood, and imitation wood.

Consider the use of color. With wood-toned shades and colorful drapes, a room may seem homey. Alternately, white drapes over white blinds may illuminate and brighten a space. What style are you attempting to achieve? The colors you choose for each piece may have a significant impact.


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