How does Snapscore work? How to Calculate Snapchat Score!!

how snapchat score calculated

We all know that Snapchat is a very awesome application and is quite famous among the youth. The application attracted a lot of people to it with its new and unique features that were never introduced before. People enjoyed different features of the application like streak and filters and were eager to know more. However, there are still some features of the application that are not familiar to people and one such feature is snap score hence, in the guide, we are going to tell people about what is snapscore and how can you make sure that you have a higher snap score. 

Introduction to Snapscore

I am sure that everyone who uses snapchat has seen the small digits in their Snapchat profile. These small digits are known as snap score and it tells people about the interaction of the owner of the account on the application. The snap score is a numeric score calculated by the application to determine whether the person is active on the application or not. Now, there are many people who want to know how does snap score work and that is why we are also explaining the same in the next part of the guide. 

The Working formula of Snapscore

The number is calculated to measure the participation of the person on the Snapchat application and there are different factors that contribute to the score on the application. The number is calculated by a secret algorithm but this does not mean that we do not know about the different things that are included in your snapchat score. 

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The main thing is that the more you interact on the application and chat with your friends along with sending snaps and pictures, the more you will see that your snapchat score is increasing. Now, if you want to know how is snap score calculated then, allow us to tell you that the score is calculated by a number of things and we are going to mention them here. 

  • The number of snaps that you are sending to your friends
  • The number of snaps that you are receiving on the application
  • The number of stories that you are posting on the application.
  • The number of people with whom you talk on the application. 

These are some factors that contribute towards your snap score and the answer to your question how does your snap score go up

Is There Any Benefit of a Higher SnapScore?

However, there are many people who often think whether there is any benefit to having a higher snap score otherwise there will be no motive for the feature. Well, let me tell you that just like other features of the application, snap score is also something that you need to do for fun. Having a snap score will not give you any benefit and if you are hoping to increase your snap score then, you just need to do it for fun on the application. We hope that you have understood all the details that we have given you here in the guide.

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