How to Buy the Running Shoe that You Deserve

But you may need to make it wait a bit longer for your arrival.

Online or offline, your shoe purchase should be something that is attributed with precision and style.

But we need to look at something we had never thought of before.

Running shoes (or their gym counterpart, the training shoes) are popular because they are ERGONOMIC, and the cloth-made material puts them as more breathable footwear.

Leather boots or shoes are certainly comfier and warmer on some occasions. They also have that glossy finish in many cases.

But, in day-to-day use, running shoes make a huge difference for both the normal individual next door; the busy entrepreneur or the Athlete.

Buying a pair of running shoes can get to be a complex process if you do not know a little about them.

Why don’t you take some time to read this blog and find that out?

How to Buy a Pair of Running Shoes?

Just take time to buy it.


People take a lot of time to search for the perfect quick loan online because there is a variety of them, and they come for many purposes.

Be it a loan or a running shoe, the first lesson you have learnt here is ‘never to rush’ in buying something.

Speaking of running shoes, you can purchase the right pair if you follow checking the points written below:

Check Material of the Upper and the Ankle Collar

Most running shoes will have an upper and an ankle collar made of comfortable fabric and mesh material.

You need to find out if the upper is smooth enough to slide your feet in. It should also be very comfortable while keeping the shoes on.

The same goes with ankle collars. They are made either with padding or elastic or snugly fitting elastic. The material should not be very harsh on your skin around the ankle.

If you are an athletic or aggressive runner, choose the elastic material as that can keep your feet lighter while holding the shoe while running. If you are a casual runner or prefer to walk long distances in your shoes, choose the ones with padded ankle collars.

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Find out if the Saddle is Sung and Comfortable

The saddle is the part of the shoe covering the arch of the foot. Saddles must be soft and flexible from inside in order to allow the mass of the feet to slide in.

 Running shoes without laces have a simpler saddle. They are also tighter. So, find out if they are right for the size of your feet.

The shoes with laces have a bit wider saddle to allow space for the intricate lacing. Your job is to check if the saddle is flexible yet not that loose.

Hill Counter Check

The hill counter is basically the cupped structure in the shoe’s heel part that holds, supports, and gives the heels an extra grip.

Now, some shoes do not even have it – the ones that have an elastic collar in particular.

But if you do find one with a heel counter, make sure it is soft and flexible.

Otherwise, check the queue in the podiatrist’s clinic with patients suffering from heel bruises and corns.

Toe Box and Toe Spring


The toe box allows all the 10 toes, the longer toes serially from the thumb, in particular, to move around freely in to have room for avoiding friction with the inner material.

This friction and tightness can cause serious issues such as bruises and blood clots in the skin or below the nails.

And that is extremely painful after a long run.

Shoes with a wider toe box are better than cone-shaped toe boxes or the ones that are a bit pointy.

Toe springs are found in many running shoes, which have grooves to put the toes upwards with the help of toe springs.

If your shoes have them, you will get that additional flexibility to help you push your body forward for acceleration.

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Make sure the toe spring is very rubbery and flexible instead of being sturdy.


You have got three kinds of cushioning in a pair of running shoes.

The cushioning at the heel area supports. The cushioning at the midsole receives the strongest impact, and the cushioning in the forefoot helps you grip the land and push yourself forward.

What you need to do is that you need to check whether or not the cushions are at the middle ground between the spongy comfort you look for and the sturdy grip and support that you deserve.

Check  the Shock Absorption Features

Your running shoe is required to absorb the shocks and impact of the foot while running.

There are technologies that ergonomic experts have developed for these shoes.

You may get cool tech features in your running shoe such as:

  • Guide rails
  • Varus wedges
  • Medial posts
  • Dual-density foams

But each technology is not meant for a particular type of foot, but they are meant for running experiences and how the user feels them while in action.

So, find that out to find your perfect running shoe.

To Conclude

Maybe you are planning to buy an expensive shoe using part of the money you have gotten from that quick loan, right?

That is a good idea. But price doesn’t always matter for buying shoes of this kind.

You need to discover if you chose the pair of running shoes INTERACTS WITH YOUR FEET PROPERLY OR NOT.

Once you get that, you will know that the shoe has been made for you.

Before concluding, a small piece of advice is required to be given.

 Try to shop in festive seasons to get discounts. Don’t rush for the purchase. Compare different deals and check more than one online store to get the cheapest offer.

And now, you can start searching for your shoes!


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