How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned

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The carpet in a house is a major component of the living space. Everyone wishes for a clean house. While most things are either washed or cleaned on a regular basis; carpets are usually left behind as it usually halts everyday operations at home. A lot of moving has to be done. People usually tend to ignore the fact but it is very much important to get the carpets cleaned by a commercial carpet cleaner to keep the carpet in pristine condition.

There are many attributes that point to the benefits of having carpets cleaned. Many carpet manufacturers add the washing and maintenance guide, but considering different factors it’s better to let the experts handle it professionally. They know the science behind cleaning the carpet and used premium quality products, tools, and equipment for effective deep cleanse.

Clean carpet provides a feeling of comfort and it makes the house look more aesthetic. Nobody likes a dull and dirty carpet. With time, the carpet’s fabric starts accumulating dirt, pollens, and other small particles. It also absorbs liquid, so if one has accidentally spilled their coffee or juice then it is most likely to be soaked by the carpet and eventually release a pungent smell.

How often the carpets should be cleaned:

1) The frequency of carpet depends on several factors; considering light foot traffic on the carpet area it is advisable to get the carpet deep cleaned every 12 months. 

2) If there is high foot traffic and more members in the family in that case cleaning should be done every 8-9 months. More members mean more chances of dirt getting carried to the carpet area.

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3) If there are children in the house then it is better to get the carpet cleaned every 6-8 months. Children are always crawling, sleeping, running, and falling on the carpet. They touch the carpet’s surface many times and then they also tend to put their hands in their mouth which is really risky for their health. Carpets should be clean and fresh if there are children in the house. 

4) With pets it is necessary because the fur they shed, fur gets stuck with the carpet’s fiber. Animals have a habit of licking themselves; the carpet will soon start smelling like their saliva and body odor.

5) If there are members with allergies, then the carpet should be cleaned by a commercial carpet cleaner at least after every 3 months. This will remove microparticles that even vacuum cleaners can’t clean.

6) If there are smokers in the house then consider cleaning the carpet in 3-6 months as the smell of cigarettes sticks with the fiber and will smell foul with time.

7) Commercial carpet cleaning also depends on the color of the carpet. Light-colored carpet definitely adds an aesthetic look but they are also a direct invitation to visible stains. It is better to maintain and get such carpet cleaned before it starts getting dull. Although stains may not be visible on dark carpets dirt, dust, and other factors still affect them. It is better to keep a schedule for getting the carpets cleaned.

Vacuuming regularly is an important aspect of the carpet’s life. It removes loose particles that are on the surface of the carpet. It is better to clean before the particles settle and bind with the fibers. It is better to use a vacuum with a rotating brush as it will work more effectively in picking up the particles that are stuck to the fibers. 

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Final Words:

Carpets are great floor covering that provides a warm and cozy feeling to the feet. It can be tough cleaning the carpet by yourself which is why commercial carpet cleaners got it covered. They disinfect and remove all the pollutants, organic allergens, by-products from burning, or other applications of heat cooking, candles, wood smoke, cigarette ash, etc.

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