How GIIS Prepares Students for International Baccalaureate Singapore Success

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The International Baccalaureate is a globally recognized and respected educational program that provides students with a rigorous educational experience. As parents seeking the best for their children, the journey toward success is undoubtedly a priority.

At the heart of this journey is the Global Indian International High School in Singapore, steadfast in its commitment to academic excellence. Your child can embark on the educational journey towards IB success at GIIS to gain a transformative experience.

The IB program at GIIS fosters a love for learning and a global perspective. With experienced faculty and a rich tapestry of extracurricular activities, your child will develop into a confident and socially responsible individual.

Let’s delve into how GIIS shapes the path to excellence for students embarking on the IB journey.

1- Understanding the IB Program at GIIS

The robust International Baccalaureate program lies at the core of GIIS’s educational prowess. This curriculum, carefully crafted for holistic development, emphasises academic rigour and fosters a love for learning.

The IB program at GIIS is a two-year endeavour that provides a well-rounded education through a diverse range of subjects and a unique set of features. Students explore various subjects and develop crucial skills like critical thinking. The program isn’t just about books and includes fun and interesting activities that help students become creative and active learners.

The teachers at GIIS are experienced and always ready to help students understand their subjects better. The IB program at GIIS is like a guide, preparing students for exams and life. 

2- The GIIS approach to the preparation of the International Baccalaureate Singapore

In the early years, GIIS focused on building a formidable foundation. Fundamental skills take centre stage, setting the stage for a lifelong learning journey. As students progress into the middle years, GIIS shapes well-rounded individuals. 

They encourage the exploration of subjects and sharpening critical thinking skills for a successful IB program. With the help of this guidance, students recognize the significance of their role in IB success.

Additionally, their commitment to individualised academic counselling ensures that students receive tailored support in subjects. At GIIS, we believe in going beyond textbooks, providing a nurturing environment that encourages extracurricular activities, thus preparing students for exams and a future where they can excel academically and personally. 

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This approach creates a seamless pathway for students to welcome the opportunities given by the IB program.

3- Specialised support systems

The school prides itself on offering specialised support systems to ensure the success and well-being of each student. One key pillar of this support is their team of experienced and qualified faculty members.

GIIS boasts a faculty of experienced and qualified educators who understand the intricacies of the IB program. Recognizing the pivotal role of teachers in IB success, GIIS invests in continuous professional development for its educators. 

In addition to a dedicated faculty, GIIS places a strong emphasis on individualised academic counselling. This personalised approach helps students navigate their academic paths, offering guidance on subject selection and supporting any challenges they may encounter. 

Whether choosing the right courses or overcoming academic hurdles, our counselling services are designed to empower students to achieve their full potential.

4- Beyond the classroom: extracurricular opportunities

Education at GIIS extends beyond textbooks, embracing the significance of extracurricular activities. The IB program particularly emphasises Creativity, Activity, and Service, ensuring holistic development. Through CAS initiatives, students engage in diverse experiences, from artistic pursuits to sports and community service.

This holistic development approach ensures that students excel academically and cultivate their passions, contributing to personal growth. Beyond the classroom, GIIS encourages a passion for learning by providing a platform for students to explore and showcase their talents. 

These extracurricular opportunities foster a sense of curiosity, teamwork, and leadership, which are invaluable in navigating the challenges of the IB program. 

5- Embracing the IB core components

The international baccalaureate Singapore program’s unique core components—Creativity, Activity, Service, Extended Essay, and Theory of Knowledge —seamlessly integrate into GIIS’s curriculum.

CAS initiatives at GIIS exemplify the program’s philosophy, and the school provides robust support for students navigating the challenges of the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge components.

This ensures that students are academically proficient and possess a well-rounded skill set and a global mindset. GIIS views the IB program not merely as a set of requirements but as a transformative experience that shapes students into socially responsible individuals ready to impact the world positively.

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6- Technological integration in IB learning

In tune with the demands of the modern world, GIIS ensures technological integration in IB classrooms. In GIIS IB classrooms, technology is seamlessly woven into the learning experience.

The school leverages digital resources, cutting-edge tools, and online learning platforms to enhance the educational journey. This technological integration fosters a dynamic and engaging learning environment that prepares your child for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

7- GIIS High School in Singapore supports the college application process

GIIS High School in Singapore recognizes that the IB program is a stepping stone to higher education. The school provides comprehensive guidance and preparation for college. With their experienced and dedicated college guidance counsellor, your child can gain personalised assistance in the college admissions journey. 

This empowers your child to make informed choices. They can confidently pursue their aspirations in the next phase of their academic journey.

8- Parental involvement and support

The partnership between parents and GIIS is integral to a student’s success. Parents become valuable contributors to their children’s growth through effective communication channels and active involvement.

The collaborative approach ensures that students receive consistent support at home and in the school environment. This creates a foundation for a successful educational journey.


GIIS stands as a nurturing ground where students are not merely prepared for the IB program but are sculpted for excellence in every facet of life. The school employs various effective methods to prepare your child thoroughly for Examinations. They are not just an educational institution but a partner in your child’s journey towards academic success.

The commitment of GIIS to preparing students for the international baccalaureate Singapore signifies a dedication to fostering triumphs in students. Choosing GIIS for your child’s educational journey means investing in an education that prepares them for a lifetime of meaningful societal contributions. 

Enrol your child at GIIS, where excellence isn’t just encouraged but nurtured.

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