How Do I Cancel Spirit Flight And Get A Refund?

When it comes to  Spirit refund policy, passengers can avail of a refund, either from the Spirit airlines official website or Spirit Airlines customer service. Passengers with non-refundable tickets can also get a full refund if they are following the free cancellation policy. So, if you want to cancel Spirit flight, you can follow the instruction given in the sections below.

Highlights of Spirit Airlines cancelation policy:

If you want to understand the Spirit Airlines refund policy you must first know what is the Spirit airlines cancellation policy. Therefore, here are the important points to keep in mind before you head towards withdrawing your flight ticket. If you have a non-refundable ticket and you want to cancel it without paying any fee, be careful with these guidelines:

  • You must make the cancellation at least when days are left from the day of departure.
  • Also, you must ensure that you withdraw your booking 24 hours get over from the time you have made the Spirit airlines booking. 

If you fail to follow the above-mentioned two points and you are someone with non-refundable flights, you will not be able to cancel it for free. Therefore, do it as soon as possible from its official website and customer service 1 (855) 728-3555 team of Spirit Airlines. However, these guidelines apply to refundable tickets as well

Can I get a refund for Canceling Spirit Airlines Award ticket?

Yes, you can cancel the Spirt Airlines Award ticket. It has the same policies as the Spirit Airlines standard ticket. If you are terminating your ticket after the free cancellation period you will have to pay the fee.

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Other Highlights of Spirit Airlines Cancelation policy:

Being a passenger of Spirit airlines, you must know the other important information also when t comes to the refund policy of Spirit Airlines.  Here are they:

  • If Spirit Airlines has canceled or delayed the flight for more than 2 hours, you are eligible for a full refund. No matter, what type of fare pr flight ticket you have.
  • Moreover, if the passenger is not able to bale to board the flight because of some mishappeing, he is also eligible for a full refund. 

How can I get the Spirit Airlines Refund?

To apply for the Spirit Airlines Refund, you can get it from its official website and customer service 1 (855) 728-3555.  Yes, you can go to the official website of the airline and follow the steps given below:

  • Head towards the “my trip” section.
  • Then, enter the confirmation number of your flight and the name of the passenger to navigate your booking.
    Now, choose the flight you need to cancel.
  • Then, hit on the refund status option.
  • You need to fill out the refund form if you are applicable for it. 
  • Finally, hot on the cancel button.

Do you must have understood that you can request the refund at the time of cancellation itself. 

On the other hand, you call the Spirit Airlines Customer Service 1 (855) 728-3555 team directly to request a refund. Live Spirit Airlines will perform all the above steps on your behalf.

With this, you will be able to get your refund back without any hassle. The customer going for this option for this will have to provide correct information to the airlines. 

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At what time does Spirit Airlines process the Refund?

Spirit airlines take a least 7 business or working days to process the refund, if you are not able to see the amount in your bank account after the 7-10 days, you can talk to a live person at Spirit Airlines over the phone or through the live chat option. 

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