Homemade coconut Himalayan salt scrub

himalaya pink salt

Often people ask if Himalayan Pink Salt is a skin care product and how it works to our skin. So the answer is yes Himalayan Pink salt has additional minerals in it along with sodium chloride and its purity that makes it a best skin care ingredient. Himalayan Salt bulk is a pure form of sea salt that was underlying the foothills of Himalayan from ancient times and covered with lava and ice for centuries. No pollution can be mixed up with it, due to the swarming weather and temperature it faced.

Bulk pink Himalayan Salt with addition to coconut and essential oil makes a perfect homemade coconut Himalayan salt scrub that is the preeminent product to leave you fresh glowing skin. Make this simple recipe of Bulk Rock Salt and coconut oil at your home and have a daily spa like relaxing feel at your own place. Himalayan Salt Bulk with addition to other oils and herbal products gives superb addition to our spas by securing a large number of benefits. Below is the recipe to make a salt scrub at home and all its possible benefits that everybody should know.

Recipe to make coconut and Bulk Pink Himalayan Salt scrub.

It is a very easy way to make a required scrub at your home. Here we are giving a very simple recipe to prepare our scrub with Himalayan salt bulk but you also can add more things to it to increase its work efficiency according to your body’s needs.


·     ¾ cup of Bulk Rock Salt of Himalayan Mountains.

·     ¼ cup of coconut oil

·     10-15 drops of essential oil ( you can use any essential oil according to your purpose to make this scrub you requirement will decide the name of essential oil that you need to add in you scrub)

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·     Olivem 1000, it’s a natural combination of olive oil and sugar alcohol that improves the spread ability and increases moisturizing of the skin.


·     Take a bowl of clean crystal glass.

·     Pour ¾ cup of bulk pink Himalayan salt in it.

·     Add ¼ cup of coconut oil in it and mix well.

·     Leave for a few seconds, then add 10-15 drops of essential oil and olivem 1000 in it and properly mix it up.

·     And after mixing it pour it into an airtight jar and use it daily to have a refreshing and rejuvenating skin.

Benefits of the coconut Pink Himalayan salt scrub.

There are numerous benefits of using Himalayan salt bulk in your recipes for skin care products. Let’s try to explore some of them through this article.


Natural remedies are always skin friendly. They help to maintain the skin tone and give a protecting layer of skin to avoid any pollution and dust. Coconut and bulk pink Himalayan Salt both are natural products and they give us a natural soothing and refreshing effect after using the scrub with essential oils.


Coconut oil and olivum both are great protectors to the skin. They lock up the skin and retain its moisturizer in it. Both are very hydrating and make skin hydrate to glow and look fresh.  


Bulk rock salt with addition to these nourishing oils and olivum bless our skin the power to eradicate the cellulite. Cellulite is normally dry skin issues and bulk pink Himalayan Salt sloughs off the dry skin cells and secures the mistrusting layer of the skin.

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Pink Himalayan Salt bulk is the best exfoliator. The presence of magnesium sulfate makes it a perfect product to remove dead skin layers of the cells from our face and also promote circulation that helps face cells to have enough oxygen for their health. It results in silky smooth and shiny skin.


Our skin also needs proper nourishments. Bulk Pink Himalayan Salt by securing additional 84 minerals like magnesium, sulfate, iron etc. are the ingredients that helps to fulfill the basic needs of the skin. The natural coconut Himalayan pink salt scrub is a complete package of skin nourishment that helps our skin from removing dead skin cells to healing and replacing them with new one.


Bacteria and microbes are a part of our environment and they give us a patchy and dry skin leading to acne. Bulk Rock Salt is antimicrobial in nature. It naturally reacts to bacteria and microbes that affect our skin with acne and other swear skin issues. It reacts with microbes and bacteria and gives a protecting layer to our skin by securing a moisturizing layer of outer skin.

Coconut Himalayan pink salt scrub is a very simple and friendly to beginner just have a pinch of scrub on your and apply it to the whole face politely. Now see the magical result and enjoy a glowing skin. Bulk Pink Himalayan salt is itself a best product to be used in cosmetics but its home recipes are exceptional to be considered as best remedies to have required results at home.

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