Hairstyles That Every Women Should Try In 2022


With salons opening up back this year, people have a lot of things to try. The pandemic has introduced a whole new series of hairstyles, dyes and haircuts which got us itching to try them all. If you want to reinvent yourself and at the same time keep up with the trends, you have reached the perfect spot.

To help you choose the best hairstyle, we have compiled a list of our top favourite hair trends of 2022. So, sit back and screenshot these hair trends to show your hair professionals. You can also try these at home.

1. Haircuts:

Are you bored with your current hairstyle? Then, you should probably go for a fresh cut. The wonders regular trimming does to your hair are incredible. It naturally adds a volume, texture and shape to your hair plus helps in eliminating dull, split ends and frizzy hairs.

Wondering which haircut to try?

Well, that depends upon the designated length you want. Have a look at the haircuts given below:

  • If you do not want to lose your long lengths, then you should try the long layers, wavy cut, butterfly haircut, soft mullet, sleek and straight blunt cut, and others which add an edge and distinct shape to your hair.
  • Are you brave enough to lose some lengths to keep up with the trends? Try the wavy lob, shag, collarbone bob, pixie, modern mullet, mohawks and others to give you a cute, trendy and statement look.
  • You can also go for the classic haircuts like U-shaped cuts, V-shaped cuts, layers, 90’s haircuts, 50’s cuts, layers and more to rock each season.
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Pair these haircuts with the face-framing fringes/bangs to look more fashionable. Read the full article to know more about them.

2. Hair Dyes:

If you aren’t feeling yourself or want to try something spontaneously without majorly affecting your life, go for hair dyes. Plus, you can always change them if you’re feeling too overwhelmed or eye-catching. Hair dying has introduced a whole new series of hair trends that are worth trying in 2022.

Dump your boring black hair and add a pop-up of colours like chocolate caramel balayage, pearly blonde hair colour, bronze strands, light brown ombre, hazelnut brunette, and cherry red colour, to spice things up. You can also highlight your inner, upper or side strands. The latest skunk stripe hair colour block trend will give you a distinct colour to add to the front of your face without actually changing your overall hair colour.

3. Fringes/Bangs:

Fringes/Bangs are back-in-trend and rocking every hair type. These bangs are short, simple and easy to style. They don’t require high-disciplined maintenance, an occasional trim might do the work. Plus it can be carried out with any style. Fringes are used to draw attention to your features and frame your face. If you think your side profile is a bit fuller/broader, style it slim with side, front, choppy or blunt bangs.

The K-Dramas have introduced a whole new series of bangs. The Wispy bangs, Air bangs and Curtain bangs are the three most trending bangs. The wispy bangs are the short, cute, face-framing bangs to suit every hair type. Airbags are the internationally famous see-through bangs cut on the inner side. Curtain bangs are the side-swept curtain-like bangs that can be carried with any hairstyle.

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4. Hairstyles:

Knowing how to style your hair is one of the crucial aspects of a put-together appearance. Several hairstyles and hairdos have emerged over time leaving us as confused as ever. Therefore, we would be discussing the topmost hairstyle to try besides just leaving your hair untied when you’re running short of ideas. Number one is the ponytails. Ponytails can be easily made plus they look super trendy. Second is the braided hairstyles such as lemonade braids, french braids, fishtail braids, dutch braids, and waterfall braids to give a sleek, stylish and statement look. Last but not least are the buns that never go out of style.

These are our top hairstyles worth-trying to keep up with the trends of 2022. Hope you find this list useful.

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