Good reasons why anyone should buy a hoverboard


Thinking of buying a scooter to get to the office or university in 2021 is out of the question! Taking a look at the pollution these and others are producing should make us think. The advice is to think of electric mobility and, in particular, of hoverboard. In this way you can be part of the revolution for which many have been fighting for years and start a life as Green as possible. It is, in fact, a sustainable choice to opt for an electric vehicle – in general – and an equally intelligent choice to buy a hoverboard.

Small and light

Every day millions of people reach the bus stop – as well as the train or metro station – in time, hoping to find a place on board or possibly some space to travel in peace, get off and reach the university. or the workplace that, barring unforeseen events or delays in public transport, they will have to walk hoping not to be too late.

Instead, it makes us think how much the possession variable of a Hoverboard can change the situation for the better. When the average user wakes up, he will recover that small vehicle from the space under the bed – or in the closet! -, he will go out onto the street and walk the distance to the bus stop while standing still. He won’t be out of breath, so he’ll take the Hoverboard and get on board.  Furthermore, the Hoverboard, unlike a bike or a scooter – which will have to be parked in the space available – will follow the user to the desk and will stay well under there, in its case, until the time comes to do the journey in reverse. Is not it fantastic? 

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Easy to use

Learning to use it is really very simple. Climb aboard and shifting your weight forward will move forward. Conversely, moving the weight back will have the opposite effect and the device will go back. It’s easier to get on and go than reading the instruction manual. Once you have overcome the obstacle of the first use, leave a comment to help those like you who are still undecided.

Low maintenance

There are only three things to do to take care of a Hoverboard.

– Load it. Generally, 2/3 hours are enough.
– Clean it. A damp microfiber cloth passed quickly and that’s it.
– Make sure nothing is broken.

Home charging

Charging the battery of a hoverboards is quite simple and vaguely resembles charging a PC or smartphone. You will have to insert the cable into the hoverboard and the plug into the socket. An LED will indicate charging in progress and, generally, when fully charged, the same LED will change color. Further confirmation of full charge will appear on the display immediately after putting it into operation. Comparing it with a scooter on a typical day, when you already know you are late and decide to use the scooter for the entire journey. You will arrive in the garage, start the engine and, after a series of noises, puffs and the smell of gas in the air, you will notice that the warning light signals the empty tank. Fantastic! Give up or run to the gas station?


In addition to being very useful – as we have seen in the previous points – it is also very fun to use. I bet waking up in the morning thinking about rushing to the office has never been so thrilling! You will probably look back with joy on the times when, newly licensed, you got on board your parents’ car with the excuse of changing the parking lot because I swear, there is one closer!

Train your ability to maintain balance

Physical activity is important, which is why it is often thought that running to get to the office or university helps you stay fit. Wrong! Running fast to avoid being late is not healthy but stressful. And since when does stress benefit the body?
The Hoverboard will help reduce stress levels, maintain concentration on the course and, in addition, will train the ability to maintain balance by engaging the muscles of the legs and abdomen, giving a better posture. Fantastic isn’t it?

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Think about when you are stationary on the scooter. The muscles of the hands, wrists and arms will also train, but really, you can’t think that’s enough! In addition, those muscles still train while standing in front of a PC. But can that really be called training? Maybe!

Gift idea

An important event is approaching and you never know what to give to an important person. Why not a hoverboard ?
It would greatly improve the life of a loved one with a gift that is enjoyed by both adults and children. It would help the environment, encouraging more and more people to make an eco-sustainable choice. But most importantly, it would look great!

Ah, sure! You can also make a great impression with a scooter, I admit! But how many have already thought about giving scooters in their life? I got one myself at the age of 16. Giving a scooter is an original idea as much as giving a pajama at Christmas! And I don’t think anyone has ever received one.

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