Gifts For Newly Married Couple

Marriage is a very special day for everyone. It’s the new start of their life as a couple. Marriage isn’t a cakewalk and it requires a lot of effort to make it work and last longer. Weddings are celebrated in a grand way all around the globe to make it the best and most memorable day in the life of the newlyweds. They have been showered with love, care, gifts to make it the best day of their life. Newly married couples receive a lot of gifts from their relatives, friends and family as a token of love. But there are a lot of gifts that are of no use to them. One should be very mindful and thoughtful while picking gifts for newlyweds so that they would remember and use that gift. If you are also going to be a part of the wedding soon or you are being invited and you are confused about what to get for the newly married couples then here is a list for you. We have curated a researched list of options that will prove to be a great piece of gift for the couple.


A Newlywed couple will be going to set up their own house so a planter will help them decorate their new house. Plants add positive vibes to the house and beautiful planters will make it even more aesthetically pleasing. You will get a variety of planters in the market these days. Ranging from ceramic planters to metal planters, all kinds of varieties are available. You can even order them online. Personalized planters can also be a great option.

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Couple wallet-

These days, couple wallets are trending a lot. You can get them easily on online shopping websites. You can get them personalized as well with the initials of newlyweds.

An album-

Marriage is the start of a journey and thus memories will be created. An album will be a great gift for them. There are a variety of albums available in the market from which you can select accordingly. Albums are best to collect memories. 

Bluetooth speaker-

Music is the best friend of newlyweds. They like to dance to the tune of music. A Bluetooth speaker is a portable device that will be easy to carry. You can get a variety of Bluetooth speakers in the market in various ranges and brands.

Throw blankets-

A comfortable throw blanket can be the coziest gift for newlyweds. You can get a variety of options in blankets. You can get these blankets personalized also to add a personal touch. You can accompany a bouquet along with the blankets. You can order flowers online.


A set of scented aromatic candles will amp up their new house and life. You can give them a box or combo of candles. These days you will get a variety of candles ranging in size, style, design and fragrance. You can order them online and get them delivered. You can even personalize it with their initials. 

Sleek luggage-

Newlyweds need good quality luggage to carry all their things to places they will be visiting after the wedding. You can give them sleek and aesthetic luggage as a wedding gift. You can choose from a variety of options available in the market ranging from size to color and brand. You can even order wedding gifts online. It would be a great gift for a traveler couple.

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Personalized cushions-

Giving personalized cushions to the newlyweds will be a memorable gift for them. You can get a variety of options in cushions these days. You can pick from different fabrics, colors and prints according to your preferences. You can get their wedding date and name printed on it to add a personal touch.

Snack basket-

For all those late-night binge-watch movie sessions a snack basket will come in handy. You can get a variety of snack combos, snack baskets online that offer healthy snacks as well. You can pick any of them for the newlyweds. They come in very aesthetic packaging. 

I hope you liked and found the article helpful. These gifts will be useful and thoughtful options for the newlyweds. 

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