Five Hacks to Keep Hair Extensions in Place

Hair extensions

You should read on if you love your hair extensions and want to keep them in place for longer. With any hair extension procedure, several things can happen. Some are inevitable, but others are predictable and can avoid. Here are five hacks to keep your hair extensions in place.

Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle.

Detangling hair extensions is one of the most challenging parts of keeping them in place. You’ll want to do this gently and slowly so that you don’t rip out your hair extensions or damage the weft. A wide-tooth comb can help you untangle your curly hair extensions without breaking them.

Brush before and after you shower.

Brushing before you shower helps remove any product buildup on your hair extensions, preventing them from getting dirty or tangled when you wash your hair later in the day. It also removes any tangles from the previous day’s workout or runs, making it easier to brush out when you shower at night.

Human Hair Extensions
Human Hair Extensions

Sleep on a satin pillowcase.

A satin pillowcase is another easy way to keep your hair extensions in place without damaging them too much while sleeping at night or while exercising during the day.

Tie hair back for exercise.

To keep your extensions in place, tie them back for exercise or yoga. It’s an excellent method because it keeps the hair from tangling with itself, which can lead to breakage or shedding. Plus, it’ll help you avoid damaging your hair by pulling on it too hard.

Avoid using heat-styling tools, like flat irons and curling irons.

The heat from these tools will cause the hair to fray and shed more quickly than if you used a simple brush or comb to style it naturally. If you must use a blow dryer, try to keep it cool (above 110 degrees Fahrenheit) so that it doesn’t damage the extensions’ fibers and make them fall out faster.

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Clip in human hair extensions is an incredible way to get longer, fuller hair. But these extensions can inevitably fall out over time. Hair extensions have become much more popular with the rise in celebrities using them. However, they still need to be more mainstream and something that you can walk down an aisle without getting pointed at. 

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