Eliminating Cheaters In Gaming Industry With Biometric Authentication

Biometric Authentication

The verification service is being followed by each sector to ensure the integrity of the users. Talking about digitalization, online platforms have developed great policies for the verification of their users. The online platforms such as social media sites, cryptocurrencies tradings, and NFTs platforms are strict as they involve the exchange of finances in them. With time the gaming industry is also increasing its demand for identity verification for gamers as the new games include higher prizes and in-game earnings. According to reports, the gaming industry is evolving at the highest rate and people are choosing Esports as their source of income. In an industry full of finances and investments there are high risks of money laundering and other online crimes such as identity thefts and privacy leaks. To eliminate these risks the gaming industry has adopted the biometric screening system to verify the players who are interacting with each other online.

What is Biometric Recognition Technology?

Biometric recognition technology is the method of verification and user detection by analyzing and processing the characteristics of the users. For example, the user’s fingerprint patterns, face shapes, eye characteristics, and voice pitch are all part of natural human characteristics. These characteristics are different for every human and are used by the biometric verification system to distinguish the users. The use of the latest scanning devices has made it possible to detect and identify these characteristics of humans. The fingerprint reading technology was one of the first to initiate the biometric screening process, after which the face recognition technology followed. The face recognition technology uses the human face as the subject to map different aspects such as shape, color, and geometry to verify the user.

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How does Biometric Verification Technology help in Gaming?

The biometric recognition system is an efficient way of verification. It is being used by almost every industry in the world today and as time is progressing it will soon become the main tool of verification. Most of us have seen biometric verification in action at different organizations and business offices with multiple ways to authenticate the users, employees, and clients. The gaming systems are also adopting this technique of verification in online gaming for the purpose of verifying gamers and preventing attackers. The gaming engines are built to perform complete user checks to verify the users.

Age Detection of the Players via Biometric Evaluation

The first step of every online gaming verification engine is to verify the age of the user. The biometric system of verification plays an important role in detecting the user’s age. The gaming age verification process uses biometric facial detection technology which is performed in real-time for evaluating the biometric identity of the user. The age of the person is evaluated by scanning the face of the player with a web camera and processing the facial information. The face data is then analyzed with new algorithms of face scanning. After processing the human face the gaming engine compares the extracted results with the associated age groups to verify the user. It makes sure the user meets the game’s age guidelines before letting them into the lobby of players online.

Biometric Security System in Online gaming

The gaming industry is expanding each day with multiple bonuses and prizes for its audience. The attackers are prevented from these systems by the use of biometric security systems that follow a strict online protocol. Each and every online transaction for any purpose whether for buying in-game resources or any sort of withdrawal, everything is backed up with biometric payment methods. The transaction processing from each end requires the person to verify their identity biometrically for further processing. This way the attackers are always restricted from misusing the game resources.

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Player Identity Verification Via Biometrics

The cheaters use online tools such as phishing and keyloggers to steal the identities of the real players. They also create forged identities to get into the game and cheat other players online. Using the biometric user authentication technology the cheaters and scammers are stopped from accessing the game library. The biometric authentication technique is executed at every login attempt of the user to verify their identity and prevent crime online.

Wrapping It Up

The gaming sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. With a market share worth billions of dollars. A market so hot in finances needs to be protected from unauthorized personnel, for this purpose of security the biometric evaluation method is used to verify the player’s identity and keep the community safe with an enjoyable experience overall.

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