Eight Mesmerizing Occasion-Specific Bouquets For Flower Delivery in Delhi

It goes without saying that the dazzling bright color of flowers keeps our hearts in sync with our minds. They hardly fail to lift our spirits and liven up our mood with their vibrant petals. Flowers are perfect for any occasion, whether it is marking your first anniversary or celebrating your golden jubilee, birthday, or Raksha Bandhan. Do you know what makes this even better? The fact that you can order freshly plucked ones right from the comfort of your home in just a few clicks by opting for flowers home delivery. Experience hassle-free flower delivery in Delhi.


Listed below are a few eye-pleasing floral arrangements handpicked just for you. Besides helping you choose the perfect flower for your loved one, this blog also seeks to enlighten you regarding the numerical significance of various floral arrangements and the occasion they are appropriate for.

Read on to know more.


 Roses are representative of love and passion. Reckoned as the flower of love, roses have always been a token of love and beauty. Besides Valentine’s Day, roses are ideal for virtually every occasion. They have an interesting numerical significance as well. Are you fascinated by someone? Love at sight requires a single rose. Head over heels in love? Five roses for the win. Lastly, a bouquet of 21 roses would mean commitment.


A home without a mother feels less like a home and more like a house. It’s hard to imagine a world without mothers. She would leave no stone unturned to ensure our well-being. Indeed, no love in the world is remotely close to a mother’s love. This Mother’s Day, get her a bouquet of orchids and lilies. This combination speaks for itself as orchids symbolize love and lilies radiate positivity. While every mother is the best, don’t forget to remind yourself that she’s undoubtedly one of the best ones the world has ever seen.

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 Gerberas are known to radiate joy and bliss. They could be used to begin a new friendship and are perfect for Friendship Day. Want to rekindle an old friendship? Go for yellow ones as they are indicative of friendship. Let the gerberas be the messenger of your unconditional love.


 Irises symbolize royalty. Traditionally, they were used to mark the 25th anniversary, which automatically makes it a suitable anniversary flower. Go for yellow ones as they suggest passion.


Is her birthday rolling around the corner? Then pink carnation is your go-to option. Carnations signify the love of all kinds – be it familial love or the platonic love of a dear friend. Pink carnations are particularly indicative of gratitude. Thank her for being your best supporter, and remind her that you are grateful to have her in your life and wouldn’t want it any other way.


 Dahlias signify wealth, dignity, and love and are apt to mark new beginnings. Since they are also associated with change and enthusiasm, they are ideal for making the first anniversary memorable or celebrating job promotions. Know someone who is about to graduate? Dahlias will be perfect.


 Daisies make a perfect “get well soon” flower. It is one way of conveying them to have a speedy recovery. Go for bright-coloured daisies (preferably yellow ones), as vibrant colors would infuse positivity into the atmosphere. Lastly, write a short and sweet inspiring note or simply a “get well soon” card to cheer them up.

Now that you have mastered the language of flowers and are aware of flower delivery in Delhi go ahead and opt for flowers along with cakes delivery in delhiand wow, you are special someone. Convey your innermost feelings through these breathtakingly beautiful flowers.

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