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Wileyx, a most popular optic company, launched a new brand DVX of sunglasses with ANSI standard impact performance. Besides, the wileyx brand is well known for producing military-rated sunglasses for law enforcement, and fishing sports, and it is serving for more than 30 years.

Thus, DVX sunglasses can wear for all kinds of jobs, and the good thing is they are not uncomfortable and heavy like traditional safety glasses. Besides, DVX sunglasses have particular features for outdoor life because they are comfy and lightweight that can wear for an extended time. Therefore, they are a perfect option for every lifestyle, whether it is an indoor or outdoor field.

Various frame designs and lens blending come with polarized and regular tinted lenses. Besides, the DVX style bears a feature of rubber temples and nose bridge; thus, they perfectly sit over adult heads who work hard. And for prescription lens wearers, there is an option of DVX prescription safety sunglasses enhance visibility.

What qualities make DVX safety sunglasses differ from others?

A high-quality pair of shades is essential for safety gear because they reduce glare and enhance visual acuity in bright light. Besides, DVX safety glasses shield the most sensitive organ means eyes and secure vision. Without sufficient eye safety, you can experience impact threats like sand, metal fragments, chemicals, blood-borne pathogens, or dust at an unexpected time. If you have a pair of shades for regular use, you should have a backup pair of sunglasses in your bag. Rx sunglasses fulfill the need for visual clarity in an outdoor setting.

DVX safety specs have launched two models at an incredible price and perfectly suit as best as shades or backups for existing protective gears. The lenses of DVX sunglasses are ANSI rated and meet high impact and velocity standards. Besides, the frame designed for DVX safety eyewear is flexible and durable because of its nylon material construction. And the user gets OSHA-approved safety for their eyes at competitive prices that don’t hurt their budget.

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DVX Axon

DVX Axon is attractive and available in a gunmetal grey frame that perfectly matches with appealing lenses of silver flash and MIL-PRF32432 ballistic standards. Therefore, the unique combination gives a bold look to any user because they can use it for all occasions, whether offsite or onsite. With the DVX culture, the safety glasses shield the eyes from harmful rays of sunlight and other radiation. Besides, this model has rubber temples and a nose bridge with a secure fit. Similarly, they offer a comfy fit for the long last hours and don’t fall because of sweat during intense work. 

DVX Mojave

Another new pair of shades are available in a matte black frame and versatile polarized lenses. DVX Mojave is a perfect shade for all adult users. The best feature is the latest polarized technology, which delivers 100% safety from dangerous ultraviolet rays. The incredible frame and lens combination is an ideal choice for users who work around glass, snow, water, or some other reflective places. Whether you require long driving, fun activities, or work, this new pair of stylish sunglasses deliver the perfect visual clarity, exceptional safety, and comfort that every user requires for the best performance.

Thus, both models fulfill the safety standard of high mass ANSI Z87 and impact MIL-PRF 31013 standards, for OSHA-approved safety from a range of dangers on the road, on the job, or a mix of outdoors. Besides, every frame of the DVX brand is fashionable and manufactured from durable material, Nylon. The Nylon material is quite favorable for eyewear because of its lightweight and flexible features that can user wear for extended hours.

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Thus, with high-grade safety and performance, DVX safety eyewear is the ultimate choice of many wearers. Both models can buy at a $55 suitable price with polarized lenses that every user of different fields can afford to buy them. Indeed, these safety glasses provide ultimate protection from impact objects with 100% visual acuity, a fashionable look, and high performance for every user. Besides, they are a satisfying option for people who are sports players or work hard for fitness.

So, every DVX eyeglasses product can buy conveniently from safetyeyeglasses.com with a one-year warranty in case of damage or defective piece of eyewear frame or lenses. For more info, visit safetyeyeflasses.com. We are the best distributor of Wileyx eyewear products.


So, the DVX brand was launched by Wileyx optics company, which is already known for producing elite law enforcement and car racers. DVX eyewear is available for prescription, Plano, and polarized lenses. They are perfectly suitable for all lifestyles than traditional eyeglasses that are painful and bulky. Besides, the availability of DVX eyewear for clear, tinted, and polarized lenses makes them an ultimate option for every user. The rubber-style temples and nose bridge provide a comfortable fit for long-time wearing.

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