Custom Team Uniforms – What to Look For

So you’re in the market for new uniforms for your team or company, and you need some supplies. There are a few things to consider when buying a new akitextiles uniform. These include materials, options and cycle times.

Once you’ve decided on a design you like, the next step is choosing the text. 

You can choose from traditional materials like Dazzle and Pro-Mesh or new racing suits fabrics introduced in the last few years like Dri-Fit, Tri-Fit and Square Net. Some of these materials have moisture management properties that move sweat away from the body and into the outer layers, allowing players to stay cool during the game. Others allow the heat to increase if it’s an outdoor sport. It’s not just about aesthetics, it’s about choosing functional materials for a particular sport.

Once you’ve chosen the material for your custom team uniform, it’s time to decide how you want to decorate it. You can go with standard screen printing or heat transfer art, or go with embroidery and embroidery for a professional look. Most companies include 1 color team name and player number screen printed on your jersey, if you want to add a different color or player names to the back there will be an additional charge. But the current trend is to drop 2 colors with team name, player number and logo. If you take the time to look for a duplicate form, you’ll find that the price is comparable to a screen-printed form.

There is nothing until the form is ordered and shipped. 

It is important to know if the company has any guarantees about the delivery promise. Most people will give you a personalized quote on the day of your visit. However, it should be noted that most companies take 2-3 weeks to create the form and 1-2 weeks to deliver it. Make sure you know what the company’s policy is before you “go ahead.”

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As you can see, ordering a custom team uniform involves a number of factors including, but not limited to, materials, options, and turnaround time. Always remember that at the end of the day your uniform represents you on the field of play, so your uniform is comfortable, functional and modern.

Playing team basketball is not an easy task, it requires hard work, discipline and passion. I have been a coach for many years and I believe that team football starts at the top. A coach is a team leader. Players play as the coach and watch his every move. Actions of coaches speak louder than words.

After practice, the team goes down to the parents. 

It’s a good idea to have good parents on the team. Usually, if you have wonderful, well-disciplined parents, this goes for your child. Teams cannot exist without great coaches and great parents. There must be discipline with the coach, parents and players.

They are just players on the field. Coaches, parents, in the bleachers. I have coached many different players over the years. I knew they knew more than just a few things. When you have a player who wants to hit the gym in basketball, Air Jordans and team uniforms, you may have a problem.

A basketball team is about us, not “me.” Your players should move from me to us. Your sons or daughters must believe in group harmony. But if they don’t score every game, do damage, make big passes, rebounds and steals, they deserve respect. It’s a team ball.

I’ve had multiple parents over the years, which has made my job difficult. When the child picks up the basketball, the parent will yell (to run or shoot the ball). Now the child has a crisis. Do I listen to the coach or do I listen to my father? This can cause them a lot of conflict and uncertainty.

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Having group rules can cure this problem. 

Tell the parents that the child must listen to the coach during the game. Parents don’t tell their children what to do. Instead, you recommend encouraging, motivating and uplifting them. The group should have positive thoughts, words and actions. Once the foundation is laid, your team will be ready to hit the ground running.

Your team wins and loses together during practice. If one guy plays with a bad attitude or doesn’t listen, the whole team goes down the ladder together. I believe this creates team harmony. Eventually the boy will see how his actions affect everyone.

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